Let's Go To Outer-Space is the one hundred and twenty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Mikan comes outside to see Celine panting and suffering. Rito and Lala then come out shocked asking what happened. Momo then examines Celine. Celine tells her that she is fine, but just tired. Momo then tells them that Celine may have contracted a disease known as "Kare-Kare," which is fatal for the plants. Lala asks if there is a cure for it, and Momo says that there might be one way. Rito then demands that she he will get the cure, regardless of what kind of danger he is in. Momo then notices how serious he is, and tells him that on Planet Mistletoe, there is a fruit called a "luck berry," that can cure it. Peke then tells them that Planet Mistletoe is classified as "Level S," in terms of danger. Rito says it makes no difference, and is determined to go. Lala then tells Rito that she will go with him, to ensure his safety. Momo says she will go with because she can identify a luck berry. Nana then decides that she will go with as well. They then encounter a problem when Lala's ship only carries one person, and Nana and Momo's only carry two, and Zastin is on Deviluke. They then decide to ask Mikado-Sensei, and Rito goes to ask her. As he is leaving, he trips on something, and lands, looking up Yami's skirt. Yami then hits Rito, and tells him that she overheard the conversation. Yami tells Rito not to die in vain. Yami tells Rito that because he is her target, she won't allow him to go, but Rito doesn't care. Rito is determined to help Celine, which Lala notices and is touched. Yami then says that while she doesn't understand families, she will go with and take them all in her ship. Yami then summons her ship "The Lunatique." Rito then leaves Celine in Mikan's hands, and gets ready to leave with his group. Yami then tells Rito that he will pay entirely for fuel costs.

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