To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Chapter 77
Let's Meet Again Sometime ~I'm Looking Forward to Our Future~
TLRD CH77 Cover
Japanese Let's meet again sometime ~これからもよろしく~
Rōmaji Let's Meet Again Sometime ~Kore kara mo yoroshiku~
Volume 18
Release Date March 4, 2017
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki, Momo Belia Deviluke, Lala Satalin Deviluke, Haruna Sairenji, Nemesis
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Chapter 76
How will you do? ~Decision!?~
Bangaihen 23
Multiplication ~From the Front and From Behind~

Chapter 77: Let's Meet Again Sometime ~I'm Looking Forward to Our Future~ is the seventy-seventh and final chapter of To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga. Two bonus chapters are planned to release in the May and June 2017 issues of Jump Square.


The chapter starts with Lala Haruna and other students cleaning the mess they made in the school.Haruna decides to tell Lala about her and Rito, Lala congratulates both Haruna and Rito and asks them what are they going to do after knowing each other's feelings, Rito and Haruna said they want to start going out but Rito is worry about Lala. Lala says it would be OK if Lala and Haruna split the dates and take their turn to date Rito. Rito doesn't believe that it would be fine doing so, and he's about to reject Lala but end up thinking of the times he spent with Lala, and crying.

Haruna says she's OK with the idea of Rito dating her and Lala but Rito trips and falls on Lala in his usual fashion.Inside the school Haruna says to Rito that he needs to settle things with Lala and every girl who liked him.Rito says that he is pathetic.Haruna explains the reason why she loves him and tells him to take is time to think about it.

On his way home, Rito is joined by Momo who takes this opportunity to confess her feelings to Rito. She says that the harem plan was created to hide her weakness that she couldn't be true to herself and even if the harem became reality, she wouldn't be able to accept it since she also wants to be Rito's best. Momo then says she's not going to give up just because of Rito is dating Haruna, and one day she'll make Rito thinks that he can't live without Momo.When she confesses to him she sends a mail to her mom telling that she is clear about her feelings for Rito and her mom gets excited that she is just like me.

Kotegawa in her room reads Rito's dad's manga and finds it interesting and tells him by email.Run-Chan and Kirasaki Kyoko in their dressing room,Run shows her the pic she took with Rito in the school the other day.Kyoko becomes jealous of the pic and says she can meet him anytime so she is jealous.Later in Tenjoins Palace Saki says to Rin that she plans to date her with Rito and will invite Zastin.Aya says that she will support her.Meanwhile in Mikado's Clinic Tearju invites Yami-chan to have dinner with her.She refuses by saying that she has plans.Mikado says the she is grown girl now and she may have a boyfriend.Oshizu brings the cup of tea for both.In the house Yami-chan tries to cook a recipe for Rito.Mikan says that he may not like it.Nana and Mea go to a nearby Zoo for a walk.Mea says to Nana that she likes to live in Sainan Town and says Sainan is fun.That night, Momo shows up naked on Rito's bed, forcing a massage on him. Nemesis joins in, and reveals her real plan to tease Momo by snatching Rito away from Momo. Momo says that the harem plan won't go away, she'll do it anytime Rito wants it, and even Haruna will have to submit to her plan.

Momo and Nemesis compete in a licking competition but Rito runs away from them. After that in the morning Momo writes a final email to her Mom "And so mother, our days of love trouble are set to continue". The chapter ends with Rito running out of his room and principal running in front of Rito's house by holding a porn magazine with a cyclist passing by.



  • To LOVE-Ru Darkness ended within 18 volumes just like the first manga series.
  • The name of the chapter is likely teasing for either a sequel to To LOVE-Ru Darkness or a completely new series from Kentaro Yabuki and Saki Hasemi.
  • In this chapter every major characters make a type of cameo appearance.
  • There's currently no confirmation about a sequel to the To LOVE-Ru Darkness series but on the last page of this chapter, Momo said "And so, mother, our days of love trouble are set to continue.", with "love trouble" written as "To LOVEる" in the original Japanese release.

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