Let Us Serve You (奉仕しちゃうぞ Hōshi shichauzo) is the ninetieth chapter of To Love-Ru

One day, Mikado-Sensei walks up and gets ready for school. While getting ready for work, she overhears the galactic news. On the news, they mention that an alien species known as a "Mosha-Kurage," has been released on Earth. Meanwhile, Rito's class gets ready to help clean around the city. The principal explains that he has picked out special uniforms for the girls. Just then, the girls (including Yami) show up and they are in maid outfits. Rito asks Yami why she is there, and she tells him that the principal invited her. Lala walks up to Rito and asks him what he thinks of the outfit. Rito thinks to himself that she looks cute in it, and tells her that she looks good, which makes her ecstatic. Happy, Lala then hugs Rito, making all the other guys jealous. Meanwhile, Yami beats up the principal, and Yui yells at Lala for being shameless in hugging Rito. Rito then tells Yui that it is refreshing to see her in such an appearance, and Yui yells at him and walks off. Rito then asks Lala where Haruna is. Haruna is near some shops with Oshizu, feeling uncomfortable in the outfit because many people are staring at her. Oshizu then urges Haruna to show herself to Rito. Oshizu then runs up to Rito and trips, bumping heads with him. Haruna then comes up to see how they are. Rito is awestruck over Haruna in her maid outfit. Rito then has a naughty thought of Haruna, which leads to Haruna noticing his red face. Oshizu thinks that even though Lala is Haruna's love rival, she will support Haruna. Meanwhile, Saki is cleaning up a portion of the park for the sake of the community. Lala comes up to Saki and tells her how nice it looks. Trying to compliment Saki, Lala calls her the "Garbage Queen," which obviously doesn't flatter her. Just then, the alien from earlier touches a strand of Lala's hair and transforms into a clone of her. Meanwhile, Lala calls Saki the "Crap Queen," still obviously not flattering her.

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