Love is the one hundred and sixty-second chapter of To Love-Ru. It is also the last chapter of the first manga.

Plot Edit

Rito pulls Lala aside into the locker room, and Lala remarks on how great it is that the uproar has settled down. Lala then asks Rito what he wanted to talk about. Rito then assures himself he needs to tell Lala his true feelings. Rito asks Lala if she remembers how he said his feelings for her were uncertain. Rito then tells her that he is certain now, and Rito tells Lala that he loves her. Ecstatic, Lala celebrates as Peke congratulates her. Rito then tells Lala that while he loves her, there is someone else that he loves as well. Lala asks if she knows her, and then she guesses that it's Haruna, shocking Rito. When Rito admits it, Lala is even happier, jumping up and down, and Rito wonders why. Lala then thinks how great it is that Rito loves both her and Haruna. Rito then asks Lala why she is so happy, and she thinks that it is best she not tell Rito about Haruna, but Haruna confesses to Rito herself. Lala then tells Rito to go and confess to Haruna, which horrifies Rito. Lala then tells Rito that if Haruna loves him as well, that she and Haruna can both marry Rito and be happy forever. Rito then tells Lala that polygamy is unheard of in Japan, and he doesn't know if Haruna would approve. But Lala tells him that it is alright, and Peke says that when Rito marries Lala, Earth rules won't apply, and he can marry Haruna as well. Rito thinks that it's absurd, and that Lala is to open-minded. Lala then uses her D-Dial to summon a jet-pack, and sends Rito off to Haruna. Rito flies through the locker room, dodging people, but eventually runs into Yami. Rito asks Yami why she didn't dodge, and she says that it would be a disgrace to herself to dodge someone like him, as if he was actually an opponent. Yami then tells Rito, that even though she won't dodge him, that doesn't mean she will allow him to do Ecchi things to her. Rito then notices that he is grabbing her behind. Rito tries to reason with her, telling her that this kind of thing was inevitable (Showing that Rito has finally realized no matter what, he will always end up inadvertently doing perverted things). They then crash through a wall, and beaten up, Rito wonders why it's always him. Haruna then comes up to him, and tells him that Run is coming to look for him. Haruna then mentions the same thing Lala did, that the uproar has settled down. Haruna then tells Rito that she is really happy that Rito risked his life for her and Lala, and Rito insists it was nothing. Rito then tells himself that he has to confess to Haruna as he did to Lala. He starts to get it out, and Oshizu notices that they are alone together. Oshizu then tries to use her will-power to glue them together, but Celine comes falling out of the sky. This causes Oshizu to break open Haruna's swimsuit, and she runs off wondering why it happened. Not noticing because his eyes are closed. Rito then manages to scream I love you, thinking it is to Haruna. When he opens up his eyes, he is horrified to see Haruna is not there. Instead, Yui, Run, Mikado-Sensei, and Nana are there. Yui is speechless, Run is ecstatic, Mikado-Sensei laughs, and Nana is stunned. Lala then comes flying out, saying that if Rito loves everyone, then they can all live together. Rito wonders how this managed to happen. Mikan wonders, and Momo tells Rito that she won;t complain about what position she is in. The narrator then tells that Rito's troubled days will still continues (To Love Ru: Darkness). The chapter then ends by showing every girl in the series, before finishing on a picture of Lala with Haruna which say "Cosmic Love Forever."

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