Love + Sports = ?! (恋+スポーツ=!? Koi+SUPŌTSU=!?) is the eighty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.

Sainin High is having their annual sports festival. Saki is sponsoring the event, as a way to humiliate Lala. The first place is a banquet on a magnificent cruise ship, courtesy of Saki.

The first event is a piggy back race. Rito and Lala are together (Lala calls the team the "Rito-kun Racecar") and Saruyama commentates the event, with the Principal as a special guest. The race quickly turns ugly as Saki sets off some pre-equipped traps on the race track. The traps stop every team in their tracks, except for Rito and Lala, who uses her tail to blow away the traps. Aya, who is on the same team as Saki, starts to tire out since she is not good at sports, but she keeps on running, determined to win the race for Saki. Rin intervenes with a smoke bomb and blinds Rito for a while, but Lala saves the team by grabbing Saki's shirt and pulling it off, immobilizing Saki's team for a while (and letting the boys have an all out view of her bra).

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