Love Triangle
Love Triangle
Episode Information
Romanji Sankaku Kankei
Air Date April 17, 2008
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A Broken Engagement!?
A Love Apron From Outer Space
Love Triangle (Sankaku Kenkei, 三角関係) is the third episode of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Following from the previous episode, Rito scolds Lala for transforing to his school all of a sudden, Lala responds that she just wanted to stay close to him. He asks her how was whe able to get submited, she said that the Principal alowed her because she's cute, to which Rito comments on him being a pervert. He tell's her not to stand out too much or get into trouble becauses it be bad if people find out shes an alien, so she promises but she does some abnormel thing in class like drawing weird pictures in art, over using her strength in gym and causing the boys to recent Rito because of how close Lala is to him. Rito scolds Lala again for what shes done, so she again promesis to be more careful. Elsewhere Haruna walks down a hallway thinking about how close Rito is to Lala, she comes across him, they have an awkward moment outside trying to say something to each other, thinking what to say Rito outwardly asks her what does she think of Lala, she says that he and Lala are good together much to his dismay, Lala then interups to bring Rito home. At his house, Rito is still depressed by what Haruna said about him and Lala, notecing this Mikan suggests that all three of them go out tomorrow to cheer him and seeing how Lala isn't familier Earth yet.

The next day Rito and Mikan show Lala around. Lala is very excited over the interesting sights, due to her odd dressing she catches the attention of several people, Rito advices her to do something about her clothes so she has her costume robot Peke to scan other peoples clothes and transformed into them for Lala, after several odd costume changes they find one that suits her. They continue to show Lala around visiting few stores and eating some snacks, Rito even got Lala a raggedy doll that she seems to enjoy alot who Rito seems happy to see. while wondering where to go next Rito notices Lala's clothes are withering away, due to the amount of costume change earlier Peke is slowly losing power and soon her clothes with disappear. Rito and Mikan try to get her some place to hide which they do in a lingerie store, Mikan goes off to gring her some clothes, Rito feels releaved that they wear able to make it but is then surprised to find Haruna close by, as the two caught eye Rito is worried what she might think of him after what happen.

Rito and Mikan try to hide the fact that Lala is an alien and that she is from a foreign country and are showing her around town. The group begin to go see an aquarium and Lala also invites Haruna to come along. At the aquarium Lala gets excited and runs around over the tremendous amount of different fishes in, Rito apologises to Haruna for dragging along, however she doesn't seem to mind and also apologises claiming that she as been bothering them but Rito denise it saying it's fun having more people, noticing this Mikan becomes aware of Rito's feelings for Haruna, she goes of looking for Lala as an excuse in leaving them two alone together, Rito feels nervous and tries bring up something interesting to talk about, just as they are about to head out Haruna grabs him by the arm. Haruna tell's Rito that had something to say to since yesterday, she reminds him what a kind person he is and how he was the only one who changed the water in the plants, on what seemd to be a confession from them both is then interupted by a flood. Earlier, Lala who apperently got lost find a fish tank and uses he D-Dial to bring out a Deviluke drug, Besrker deluke to make the fis more energetic but causes them to jump out of thier tanks and without water they will die, so Lala calls apon one of he invention, Water-Water Elephant-Kun to add more water for the fishes and decide join in aswell (naked) and thus floods the whole place.

Lala comes in naked riding the flash flood on top of a shark to where Rito and Haruna, as they try to get away the whole aquariam is then flooded. At the end of the day everyone heads home and dispite what happen Haruna says she had fun. The next day as they go off to school, Rito is seeminly happy now that he has become friendlier, he and Lala come across Haruna on thier way, as Rito gets closer he trips and falls on her with his head under her skirt, as tries to apologise she scream and slaps him and runs off, Rito is now sadden by what has happen.

Character AppearancesEdit

Inventions UsedEdit

  • D-Dial
  • Water-Water Elephant-Kun

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