Loving Idol is the one hundred and fifty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito gets a call from Run to meet her at the park. Run wants him to be her boyfriend for the day so that she can show her friend. Rito reluctantly agress to the deal.

The friend Run was talking about is actually Kyouko. This is the first time Rito meets the real Kyouko. They take a walk on the street, where Rito learns that Kyouko is a half earthling, half alien that can manipulate fire. As the talk goes to the topic of Lala, Run feels that she is making no progress with Rito. The perverted principal interrupts their walk/talk, strips down to his underwear, and chases the three teenagers around. Run tries to use a repellent bomb to keep the principal away from them, but the bomb turns out to be a clothes eradication bomb, which leaves Kyouko and Run completely naked in front of Rito. Kyouko hides behind Rito and severely burns the principal with her powers. Rito runs to the clothing store to buy the two nude girls new clothes.

While Rito is away, Kyouko tells to Run that she thinks that Rito is cute, precious, thoughtful, and kind. Kyouko also admits that even though she would not want a boy to see her naked, if Rito saw her naked, she might allow it. She also reveals to Run that she knew that Rito was not Run's boyfriend because they were both too stiff. She makes a secret pact with Run that she will support her in her love for Rito.

Rito comes back with Lala and Peke to fix their clothes, seeing that that would be a better plan instead of buying them new ones. Lala is so excited to meet Kyouko and wants them to be friends with each other. Kyouko agrees and the clothes are fixed.

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