Maiden-Esque Boy is the hundred and one chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Mikan comes home when she is greeted by Lala who is frantic, telling her that something bad has happened to Rito. Lala then shows her Rito and explains what happened. Lala assures Rito that she will make an invention that will turn him back, and Mikan tells him to go freshen up with a shower. Rito objects to bathing while he is a girl, but Lala insists that she will wash him because it was her inventions fault. In the shower, Lala washes Rito and starts to play with his chest, commenting that she is just like Risa and Mio. Lala and Mikan then bring Rito some girls clothes, wondering which one he/she will look cutest in. Mikan then tells Rito that first he needs to put a bra on. Rito then runs off, and Lala decides to use the time to try and make an invention that will turn Rito back. Haruna and Oshizu then go to Rito's house to see why he and Lala left school early. Rito then runs into Haruna and apologizing. Haruna then asks if they have met before, and Rito says no. After he/she runs off, they remark on how pretty she was, and that something seemed familiar about her. Rito then sees Run turn into Ren in public, and states that he can somewhat sympathies with him now. Rito then realizes that he needs to get home. While walking, Rito is being stared at by many people. He then runs into Saruyama who tries to flirt with him. Rito then runs away but is asked out by Motemitsu, and of course Rito runs away again. The principal then jumps on Rito, kissing him and knocking him out. Saki then comes up and knocks the principal out, saving Rito. Saki, Rin, and Aya then take Rito back to her mansion to help him.

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