Manifest of Charm (魅惑のマニフェスト Miwaku no MANIFESUTO) is the fifty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yui speaks to the class about how she will protect the school's morals. Rito then thinks that if she is so serious that she should do something about the perverted principal. Haruna urges Lala to make an appeal to the class. Lala proposes that she will make more vacation days, which Haruna tells her she can't do. She then tries to reduce the workload and shorten class, which she also cannot do. Rito has some doubts about Lala as a committee member, but he also doesn't want a super strict class. Lala then goes around asking students for what they'd like. Rito wants peace in the class, Saruyama wants to get closer to the girls in the class, Risa and Mio want cuter uniforms (with shorter skirts in particular). Lala then uses her "Almighty Tool," to make an invention that will please everyone. She then tests her inventions (which look like smaller versions of Peke) on Haruna and Rito. Yui grabs the invention to confiscate it, and it transforms her clothes to be really revealing. Rito and Yui are then pulled together, with Rito's face right into Yui's chest. Yui then calls Rito shameless and hits him. Lala explains that the inventions were to please everyone's requests. Girls will get cuter uniforms, and guys will get to be closer with girls. In the end, Lala gets 2 votes, Yui gets 2 votes, and Haruna gets 30 votes, winning the election. Risa and Mio confess that they voted for Haruna, which Lala says is fine because even she voted against herself and for Haruna, feeling she was best suited. Meanwhile, Yui claims that she won't admit defeat or recognize it.