To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 29
Manservant ~Competition~
TLRD CH29 Cover
Volume 8
Release Date 2013
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Mikan Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 10
It Feels ~Teacher Who Endures~
Chapter 30
Resistance ~Even Thought I Understand~

Chapter 29: Manservant ~Competition~ is the twenty-ninth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


At Saibai Yuuki's studio/apartment, Rito and Mikan are helping to clean their father's place since he never has spare time to clean himself. Momo is serving drinks to Saibai and Zastin who are working hard as manga artists and in return compliment on her generosity. After finished cleaning, Rito, Mikan, and Momo leave for home when Saibai asks Mikan to stay awhile longer to cook dinner for him saying he is tired of eating convenience store bentos, much to Mikan's disinterest. Momo tells everyone she and Rito will go ahead home first to take care of everything. Saibai is convinced how good-natured Momo is but Mikan informs her father that he will be responsible if anything happens between Momo and Rito.

As they walk, Momo sees being home alone with Rito as the perfect opportunity to introduce an adult video game to him and even fantasizes what it might lead to. Suddenly, they are confronted by Nemesis who says she has spare time to play with Rito and reminds him that she intends to make Rito her servant which Momo objects. Nemisis then addresses Momo in a friendly manner which angers her automatically stirring tension between them. Rito keeps them from fighting saying they should all be friends. With that in mind, Nemisis insists for Rito to play with her in her spare time which Momo also objects. Rito agrees to spend time with Nemesis which upsets Momo. Rito whispers to Momo saying by following Nemesis they may be able to learn something about her. They head off leaving Momo disappointed she had lost her time alone with Rito.

They go into an arcade where Nemesis plays with Rito in a game of air hockey. She beats him at every single game they play and boasts how far Rito is from winning against her. Nemesis then decides to go elsewhere while holding Rito's arm which irritates Momo. They stop by a food cart that sells dango where Rito notices Nemesis taking a liking to it. Nemesis mentions how "diverse and interesting" life in Sainan is and can see why Yami and Mea are attracted to it because of their human-related origins while also revealing that she herself was created differently from them. She then goes over what makes each one of them different as weapons and mentions the "Darkness" power that dwells deep inside of Yami. Rito is eager to know what "Darkness" is. Nemesis says she will tell him once he does something servant-like for her. Rito starts by feeding dango to Nemesis before being requested for a shoulder massage which irritates Momo even more. While having her shoulders rubbed by Rito, Nemesis expresses how Rito knows how to pleasure a woman while Rito protests saying what little effort he's putting into it. Nemesis notices the way Momo is gazing at her and Rito and asks if she is jealous to which Momo immediately denies. After Rito finishes what she requested of him, Nemesis then reveals (rather vaguely) that "Darkness" is a powerful transformation that brings forth chaos. Hearing this, Momo scolds at Nemesis and advises her to be more specific. Nemesis hides behind Rito and uses Momo's reaction as an example of how theatening she might be and tries to convince Rito that she shouldn't be trusted. Momo is shocked by what Nemesis says to Rito and is worried how he will respond. Rito affirms that he doesn't believe Momo to be dangerous and that she was only angry for his sake making Momo feel relieved. Surprised by his statement, Nemesis grabs Rito by his shirt and throws him onto a bench and tells him how naive he is (according to Mea) while also clueless as to how he can be so trustful of others. Nemesis then looks over at Momo telling her that she had won over their argument before jumping sky-high out of the scene.

After making dinner for her father, Mikan, with a serious look, rushes back home only to find everyone else already home with everything looking perfectly normal. She sees Momo already preparing dinner for them and wonders why she looks to be in such a good mood. Momo, deep in thought, happily remembers how well her day turned out in the end, especially after what Rito had said about her.

Later that night, Momo, full of confidence, sneaks into the bathroom and undresses herself in hopes of seducing Rito in his bath only to find him being forcefully restained and silenced by Nemesis using her trans ability while bathing him nude in her sexy woman form. Momo pulls Rito away from Nemesis's grasp and asks her how she got inside the house. Nemesis explains she came in through their door using her trans ability for the purpose of washing him with her naked body. Momo, despising her intentions, scolds at Nemesis for her abilities to which she is overly confident of. Momo then asks Nemesis why her attention is all of a sudden directed towards Rito instead of Yami believing Rito to have no involvment. Nemesis then explains that it was Rito who changed who Yami and Mea are on the inside through his influence and feeling towards humanity. She intends to keep Rito close to her as a servant so as to not risk letting him go the way he is. Nemesis then goes over saying that it's in her nature to want to take possession of what others focus their desires on using Momo's Harem Plan as an example. Nemesis tells Momo to forget about her Harem Plan since Nemesis now claims Rito as her own personal servant. Nemesis then imitates Rito's voice calling out Mikan to urgently come down to the bathroom right before disappearing. Mikan enters the bathroom and finds Rito and Momo in a very awkward situation where a naked Rito (having completely fainted from too much skin-to-skin contact between two beautiful naked girls) is lying in the arms of a naked Momo. Mikan then yells asking what are they doing to which Momo tries to explain she was only protecting Rito from Nemesis who isn't present at the scene leaving Mikan skeptical of Momo. While seeing everything from a far off rooftop, Nemesis (suddenly a black cat shape-shifting to her human form with cat ears) is satisfied knowing that she is messing around with Momo as a means of passing time before the manifistation of "Darkness". Back in the bathroom, while being lectured by Mikan, Momo confirms to herself that Nemesis is her true enemy.

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