Master of Love (恋愛マスター Ren'ai MASUTĀ) is the eightieth chapter of To Love-Ru.

At school, Lala surprises Rito by jumping on him. Rito runs off, telling her not to surprise him like that. Risa and Mio, witnessing the whole thing, tell Lala that her romance is not progressing well. They then decide to teach Lala by giving her a book on 100 seduction techniques. Lala then sits on the roof, and reads the first step. Fix a date, but don't tell him it's a date. Lala then asks Rito if they can take a detour after school, which he agrees to. On the walk, Lala follows the second step, start a conversation shyly but with emotion. Lala shyly tells Rito how she liked school today, and he agrees, but kind of shrugs it off. Lala the takes the third step, maintain a certain amount of pressure. Unfortunately, Lala interprets pushing and pulling to literally, and throws Rito, angering him. Lala then tries step four, make him interested in you (the hint for this step is to be honest, like telling him you're an alien). Lala then tells Rito that she comes from the planet Deviluke, which he obviously knows already. Lala then comes upon step five called the candlelight trick. Rito then asks Lala why she has been acting weird. Lala then acts tsundere and tells Rito that it is because she no longer loves him. Lala then walks away and turns into an alleyway. Rito is very confused as to why she is mad. Lala then reads that she needs to act the complete opposite way she just acted, and wear really revealing clothes, so she has Peke transform. Lala then pushes Rito over, landing on top of him. Acting romantic, Lala tells Rito that she really does love Rito. Lala then forgets what to do next. While they are walking home, Rito wonders what is with Lala, while Lala wonders why she failed even though she tried her best. Lala then realizes that she needs to know more about love. Suddenly, she starts to cry, and when Rito asks her what's wrong, she turns her back to him, crying. Peke then points to the book in Lala's bag, and Rito realizes why she has been acting this way. Lala then apologizes and says they should go home. Realizing that she does care about him deeply, Rito tells her that he occasionally enjoys a walk like this with her. Joyful, Lala jumps on Rito and hugs him.

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