Relationships with Other Characters Edit

Golden Darkness (Yami) Edit

Like Yami, Mea is a transformation weapon that was created by Tearju.
ToLoveRuDarkness ch37 30

The first time Yami admits out loud that Mea is her sister

Though not also created from Tearju's DNA, she is still considered to be their younger sister. Mea came to Earth by orders of her master Nemesis to bring Yami back into space as her cold-hearted assassin old self and wants her to be the ultimate weapon that is unstoppable by anything and anyone, but Yami encouraged her to try and embrace humanity, which she slowly does with the help of Rito, Tearju, Momo and Nana. Yami shows a slight care and understanding towards Mea. She deeply cares for Yami which is shown when she was desperately trying to return Yami from the way she was before becoming "Darkness."

Tearju Lunatique Edit

Tearju is Mea's creator. As stated by Nemesis, Tearju is the "barrier" for Yami to become her cold-hearted old self, which is why Mea wants her out of the way, but Tearju considers her a sister like Yami, which she rejects.

Perhaps because she feels able to find a sister and family in an assassin like Yami to ease the loneliness she denies having, she rejects Tearju, whom she cannot accept as her family without betraying her stubborn belief that she is a weapon.

As of To Love-Ru Darkness chapter 30, Mea has begun to allow Yami to reunite with Tearju. But she still maintains her reluctance to become closer to Tearju.

Nemesis Edit

Nemesis was the first person Mea ever met after waking up. Nemesis guided Mea and teaches her what it means to be a transformation weapon and about who Yami is. Mea looks up to and trusts Nemesis, calling her master and gets mad at anyone who disrespects her in any way. It is Nemesis' teachings and Mea's strict adherence to them that put her directly at odds with the other characters of the series, and the friendships they offer to her.

Mea would become uneasy when Nemesis is not there to help her reaffirm her beliefs by reminding her not to be swayed by friends. However, Mea has decided to think more independently and become more open and understanding with her newfound friendships, which her master has decided to permit.

In Darkness chapter 40, Nemesis explains that the dark conscience within Mea was really Nemesis herself, and that Mea is actually an alternate personality of Nemesis. She explains that she created Mea as an artificial personality to sneak into Seinan, and that the two share the same body. However, after this revelation, while Nemesis is in control, Mea still retains her personality and awareness, and believes that Nemesis lied about Mea being an alternate personality. 

To Mea, Nemesis instead reveals that she was in unstable physical condition and needed to temporarily fuse with Mea to continue to exist. While Mea continues to fight back for control of her own body, she still expresses her respect and gratitude to her master for being with her and teaching her when she was alone. After managing to free herself from Nemesis' control, she still acts cheerful towards her, but has earned a newfound sense of independence from her former master, which she signifies by calling her "Neme-chan", surprising her.

Rito Yuuki Edit

Mea is interested in Rito especially when Nana told her that he is a beast. Mea has a desire for Rito to lick her body and at times teases him by asking him to do it to her despite being in front of people. While their thoughts and feelings are synchronized, Rito notices a feeling inside her, saying it's "like a lost child all on your own", which she angrily denies.

On some level Mea cares for Rito, viewing him as something more than a casual acquaintance and showing a great interest in his life. She continues to toy with his shyness and tries to do lewd things with him. It's unknown if it's love or lust, or even if it's for her enjoyment, to attempt to please him, or both. Rito truly cares for Mea and tries to make her embrace humanity, which she slowly begins to accept and appreciate from him. After having spoken to Rito, Mea allows Yami to reunite with Tearju, and even assists Rito in convincing her to attend school again, grudgingly accepting Rito's advice about filling the gap between them.

She once mentioned to her master Nemesis that Rito is a fool for easily trusting, she also thinks of him weak, although Mea is curious to see how far a weak earthling would go in helping others against more frightening foes.

After Rito saves Yami from her inner "darkness", Mea acknowledges her newfound feelings for Rito and declares her intention to assist in Momo's Harem Plan, albeit in her own way.

Nana Aster Deviluke Edit

Nana is the first friend Mea made when she came to Earth. They seem like best friends. Nana introduced Mea to some of her animal friends, and Mea even tried to save Nana from an oncoming truck.

Once Nana saw Mea in her semi-weapon form, realizing she's just like Yami, Mea states that their friendship was all a lie. Nana felt saddened and heartbroken by this. Rito encouraged Nana to fearlessly embrace Mea to prove to her that it wasn't a lie. In the end, Mea accepted it, and they became friends again.

Momo Velia Deviluke Edit

Mea gets on Momo's nerves when she interferes with her plan to make Rito's harem, even when talking about it around others. But other than that, they get on good terms, and hang out together with Nana on some occasions. They are also similarly perverted whenever Rito is involved, like how when Momo tries to bring Run closer to Rito they both get excited and imagine an ecchi moment is going to happen to them, and they both even enjoy licking on Rito's female body.

Oshizu Murasame Edit

Oshizu was one of the girls who knows about Mea's true self. While wanting to get more information on Mea and her Master, she took possesion on her to find anything important. As Oshizu dived deeper inside Mea's mind, she discovered a deep darkness that almost consumed her making her to unable to trust Mea.

After seeing Mea convincing Yami to open up with Tearju, Oshizu starts seeing a kind side of Mea and considers to become friends with her. She starts following her and ends up getting teased by Mea. Irritated, she said that she hates her but Mea replies that she does not hate her, as Oshizu was easy to be teased and how she feels comfortable to be her real self in front of Oshizu.

Oshizu asked her why she hides her identity even when she was comfrotable with it. Mea tells Oshizu that acting as an earthling is no use no more but at the same time, she does not want to discard her identity as Kurosaki Mea. She has shown some care for Oshizu as she helped her destroy a black hole before her spirit has completely disappeared with the latter revealing her true identity in Darkness Chapter 37. They have become closer friends, but Mea likes taking adventage of her power and fear of dogs which causes something ecchi to happen.

Mea now considers Oshizu as a friend whom she can depend on. When she was being controlled by Nemesis, Mea called to Oshizu for help, and together, they successfully freed Mea from Nemesis' control.