Planet Memorze

Planet Memorze.

Memorze is the planet that Run and Ren come from. It is a tiny desert planet, 80% of it being dry land, and has two suns, therefore the planet has no night. Because of the high temperatures, the environment can be described as "punishing wherever it is". However, it is within the temperature range to support life. The king of Memorze created the planet's country by agglomerating small tribes.


Run and Ren's parents

The king and queen of Memorze.

Memorzorians are like humans, but they are born with both male and female genders within the same body and have separate personalities. It is said that this is an evolutionary trait for the sake of thriving in their difficult environment, since food and water were such precious commodities prior to them trading with people from other planets.

Little is known about their culture, but it may be similar to Arab culture on Earth, as seen in Lala's flashback with Run dressed in clothes similar to Arabian clothing, especially with how the landscape is also a desert.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Memorzorians can automatically change their gender and personalities through an exchange period of about a month in average, However this can change depending on the difference in environment and magnetic fields, such as when Ren and Run arrived on Earth, they were able to change by sneezing. They are also able to communicate with their counterparts within their subconscious. After reaching "adulthood" the two genders and minds within a Memorzian's body permanently split into two separate individuals. This process, as stated by a book which is read by Yami, is called "metamorphose".

Memorzorians are shown to have great speed and strength, but perhaps not nearly as fast and strong as Devilukeans.

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