To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 9
Metamorphose ~Time For A Change~
TLRD CH9 Cover
Volume 3
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Run Elsie Jewelria
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 1
Pollen Plan ~Dangerous Little Sister Situation~
Chapter 10
Sisters ~The Invention Of Happiness: Lala~

Chapter 9: Metamorphose ~Time For A Change~ is the ninth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Rito and Run are out on the town, and Run is getting to close for Rito's comfort, but Run insists on it. Momo, Nana, Yami, and Mea watch from around a corner. Momo remembers the end of the last chapter. Mea left the house, and she and Momo ran into Run outside. Run asked to see Rito, but got nervous, and said it was too late. Momo stopped her, and told her that she will set up a date with Rito for her. Naturally this was to help with the Harem Plan. Mea then asks if Rito and Run will kiss, and Momo tells her that with Run's forceful personality, they might go farther, which leads to Nana yelling at Momo and Mea. At a dinner, Run asks Rito what he would do if someone told him he couldn't fall in love. Run then recalls that her agent told her that dating would be a bad idea for an idol. Rito then tells Run not to worry about it so much, and that it's bad for her health. Saki, Aya, and Rin walk in, and go up to talk to Rito and Run. Rito goes to get up and leave with Run, but naturally ends up slipping. Rin moves Saki aside, and Rito ends up grabbing Rin's chest. Run then grabs Rito, and they run away from then angered trio. As the run outside, Yui notices them, and wonders what they are up to. The two stop at a bridge, and Run admires the sunset. Run then tells Rito that on her planet Memorze, there are two suns, and no nights, so she never got to admire sunsets. They then begin to talk about Run's ability to change genders and into Ren. Rito states he can somewhat understand her troubles, due to Lala's invention that changes him into Riko. Rito then starts to think, and tells Run that he really doesn't know too much about her. Run then asks if Rito wants to know more about her, and Momo notices that she is setting up a trap. Momo tells Mea that Run will try and coax Rito into going back with her, and bringing out the deviant in Rito. Nana gets annoyed with the girls, and Yami remarks how Ecchi they are. Run accidentally sneezes, turning into Ren. Ren is embarrassed, and grabs some pepper to turn back into Run. Mea is amazed by this, and Momo remarks that the atmosphere is ruined. Momo wonders how to overcome the obstacle of Run's gender changing, and contemplates asking Lala for an invention, but gets interrupted when Rito and Run start to leave. Run then starts to get teary-eyed, and tells Rito that she thinks she can never amount to Lala in Rito's heart, due to her gender changing, but stays determined. Rito then realizes that he has only been considering Lala and Haruna in his life, but not other girls such as Run, who love him very much. Rito then remembers Momo's Harem Plan, but is interrupted when Run trips. Run tells Rito that she's exhausted, and he helps her over to a bench. Momo and everyone are searching for Rito and Run, when they overhear them in a Gazebo, and Momo wonders what is happening in it. Yui, who has also been spying on them, has also misunderstood what is happening, and demands that Rito and Run stop, while Nana says the same thing. They all run in to see Run laying on the bench, and wonder why she seems to be glowing. Not even Momo knows what is happening, and they all contemplate taking her to Mikado-Sensei's office, but Run tells them they don't have to. Suddenly a burst of light blinds them all, and when it subsides, Run is laying naked on Rito. While they wonder why she is naked, Nana notices Ren on the park bench. Everyone wonders what is going on, and Yami tells them that according to the alien encyclopedia, they have gone throw a metamorphosis, they are now mature enough, and have split into two different beings. Run and Ren celebrate their separation, while Nana says she will call Lala to get them some clothes. Momo thinks about how good this is for the Harem Plan, and Mea can tell that she is thinking about it. Run tells Rito that now, nothing will stop her from capturing his heart. Rito then feels that this is bad, and that he has fallen into a deeper hole with his luck.

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