Metamorphosis is the one hundred and twenty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Mikan is walking home with her friends from school, but she tells them that she has to go buy ingredients for dinner. While shopping, Lala notices Peke, who is scanning for seasonal clothing, while Lala is home watching Magical Kyouko. Suddenly, a man comes up and grabs Mikan's bag. Mikan loses sight of the man, and Peke resolves that they look from the sky, transforming into Lala's dress and flying off. Mikan then spots the guy and goes in to catch him. Mikan's friends are walking by, and see her flying by, thinking that she is even more cool for fighting criminals in that dress. Mikan then grabs the man, but pulls a mask off, revealing him to be an alien. The alien then hits Peke, transforming him into a bathing-suit. The alien then runs off. Back in the dress form, Peke explains to Mikan that the alien is the infamous criminal, Hittakun-Seijin. Mikan then flies down, dressed as Yami. Hittakun is scared, but then realizes that Yami is blonde. Hittakun then goes to hit Mikan, but is hit from behind by Rito. Mikan then tries to explain to Rito what happened, but Hittakun tries to pull a gun out, but is hit by the real Yami. Yami then tells him he has a lot of nerve to point a gun at her friend. Yami then tells Rito that she was only referring to Mikan. Peke then tells them that he has called Zastin who has called galactic police. Mikan thanks both Rito and Yami for saving her. Yami then notices Mikan is wearing the same clothes as her, and tells her that it suits her.

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