Mio Sawada
Risa and Mio
Japanese 沢田 未央
Rōmaji Sawada Mio
Planet Earth
Age 15
Birthday September, 17
Height 152.5cm
Weight 45.5kg
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Light brown
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 2-A
Education Currently attending Sainan High
Occupation Part-time waitress
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 4

Mio Sawada (沢田 未央, Sawada Mio) is Risa's and Haruna's best friend and one of Rito's and Lala's classmates. Mio is almost always seen with Risa and loves to take part in her usual antics. She works at a maid cafe as a waitress, and Risa is always coming there. Mio is usually seen as a minor character.

Appearance Edit

Mio has dark brown hair which have two pig tails, light brown eyes and wears glasses. According to the databook, her measurements are 73-56-76 cm.

Personality Edit

Mio enjoys fondling other girls' breasts, something she can relate to with Risa. They also enjoy anything "ecchi" that happens around them, like Mea's Trans-ability to increase the size of her breasts.

Relationships Edit

Risa Momioka Edit

Risa is her best friend and her most recurring relationship. She is never seen without Risa by her side. They both enjoy groping other girls' breasts. Both women also enjoy doing perverted stuff to other girls which suggest that they could be a more of a couple duo that enjoys doing things together such as enjoying the female body together by groping other women's breasts.

Haruna Sairenji Edit

One of her close friends, whom she occasionally gropes along with her friend Risa. Sometimes she and Risa would do it in front of Rito just to mess with him.

Lala Satalin Deviluke Edit

Lala is one of her close friends who's breasts she enjoys groping along with Risa. Unlike other girls, Lala doesn't really get annoyed by them as much.

Rito Yuuki Edit

She isn't exactly as close to him as Risa or Haruna are but she still enjoys messing with him about his shyness as much as Risa does.

Yui Kotegawa Edit

Yui completely hates Mio and Risa's usual antics of enjoying and doing anything that she finds "shameless". The pair would sometimes tease Yui for having a shameless body herself or if there's someone she might like.

Kenichi Saruyama Edit

Along with Risa, Mio hates Saruyama; they regard him as a creep. They are annoyed with his pervertedness, which is ironic as they are perverted themselves.