To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 52
Mission Date ~Slapstick Date~
TLRD CH52 Cover
Volume 13
Release Date 2015
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Rin Kujou
Saki Tenjouin
Mea Kurosaki
Shizu Murasame
Chapter Guide
Chapter 51
Smile Baby ~Baby Panic~
Chapter 53
Puberty ~I'll Try To Be Honest~

Mission Date ~Slapstick Date~ is the fifty-second chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series


The chapter opens with Rin Kujou and Rito at a café having lunch together. Rin tells Rito that it was Saki Tenjouin's order for her to spend her day off with him. While Rito believes it's for Rin to gather information on Zastin, it's actually Saki encouraging Rin to follow her feelings even if they are for Rito.

Saki, along with Aya Fujisaki by her side, begin to give Rin advice on how to strike up a conversation with Rito. Rito mentions how he normally spends some of his off days including spending some with Mikan. It flashes over to Mikan who wonders how the date is going hoping Rito doesn't do anything naughty, and Mikan remembers that Rin asked Mikan is she could borrow Rito for the day. Rito asks Rin what she likes to do and they get into an excited conversation about B-movies and talk about ones they both have seen. Saki, having already planned ahead, has a small orchestra appear and start playing embarrassing both Rin and Rito. Mea walks up behind Saki and Aya telling them she happened to be in the neighborhood and how she wanted to learn from Saki about romance, when she actually had overheard the trio of girls planning the date beforehand.

Rin and Rito leave the café and Saki tells Rin to head into the next clothing store for the next part of the plan where Saki and Aya, in disguise welcome the two into the store. Saki and Aya hurry Rin into a changing room and change her outfit into a frilly outfit embarrassing her. Saki asks Rito for his opinion to which Rito responds that Rin looks uncomfortable in clothes that she normally does not wear. Saki then threatens Rito to say that she looks cute in her new outfit.

Rin and Rito leave the store with Rito asking if the girls were Saki and Aya to which Rin tells him that it was them. Rin finally reveals that the real reason she is with Rito is because Saki wanted to set them up together embarrassing her. Rito although taken aback at the news decides to help Rin out and asks where she would like to go to next. He also tells her how he admires the side of her that is willing to go so far for Saki, and apologizes that she has to stuck with him, causing her to blush and thank him.

Rin and Rito go do a small series of events including watching a romantic drama at the movies, rowing a boat together, and finally ending at a ferris wheel all at Saki's urging. Saki then decides its time to wrap up the date with a romantic accidental trip where Rin falls into Rito, but Saki mentions that because Rito's falling into her a few times before and his uncanny ability of falling into her panties (a few while they were on the date) it will be hard to accomplish. Mea mentions she has a friend who can help them out.

Rito continues to try and calm down Rin and it is revealed that Rin has a terrible case of acrophobia, or fear of heights. Rin mentions that she has never told Saki or Aya of her fear. Rito stops her and apologizes for falling on her and specifically about where a macaroon ended up in her panties with Rin responding that its "just the usual." Just then Haruna walks up with Maron asking what they are doing there causing Rito to become flustered. Rin covers for them saying that she was out doing errands for Saki and was having Rito carry the bags and she thanks him for his help.

Mea returns to Saki and Aya with Oshizu Murasame to help them cause the accidental fall. Saki calls Oshizu a 'troublesome monster," and tells Mea that its a terrible idea to use Oshizu's powers beacause her powers would cause a girl to be stripped naked and embarrassed. Upon hearing this Oshizu becomes upset.

Rin leaves Haruna and Rito in the park and while Rito wonders is Rin is okay Haruna notices she has a chance to speak with him privately. While contemplating how to talk to Rito, Maron begins to wonder how long they will be there until a butterfly catches his attention and causes him to run away from Haruna. Rin looks at a ring in her hand and begins to think about how she should not trouble Rito anymore and how she will apologize to Saki later. Rin then begins to think about how she thought dating was a tedious thing but that she starts to have a change of heart about it. Just then. Maron runs past her with Haruna and Rito close behind trying to catch him. Maron runs into Oshizu who is arguing with Saki while Aya and Mea watch and this causes Oshizu's fear of dogs to take over and causing her powers to run rampant. Oshizu's powers begin to pull and remove Saki's clothes and throw Saki towards Rito. Saki lands on Rito with his face landing between her legs with her panties pulled down and his hands groping her bare breasts al while Haruna and the other girls stare in shock and Rin mentions in her thougths "I knew it." It also shows that Momo was watching the date secretly herself.

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