Planet mistletoe

Planet Mistletoe

Mistletoe is an isolated planet located three million lightyears from Earth. The planet is also said to be primitive and uncivilized, making it a "Level S" in terms danger. It was first introduced in the To LOVE-Ru series in Chapter 124 when the group were trying to find the Luckberry, a rare fruit that can heal the deadly illness, Kare Kare. Planet Mistletoe is the only planet so far that contains the rare Luckberry. Very few people are unable to escape the dangers within this planet.


Planet Mistletoe is surrounded by a thick fog. This thick fog emits a strange level of magnetic disturbance, which renders machines useless. Due to this fog, when the group landed on the planet, Peke became weakened. However, Peke was still able to maintain its Dressform. However, when the fog thickened, Peke completely ran out of energy and depleted Lala's dress. The thick fog also disabled Yami's Transform ability (since Yami's Transform ability ran on nanomachines) along with Momo and Nana's D-Dials.

Like the Earth, Planet Mistletoe is composed of land and water and breathable oxygen. The planet is also surrounded by giant plants. The planet contains no other life forms (like animals or humans) other than the plants that live there.

The entire surface of the planet is mostly forest with enormous carnivorous plants which blend in with the foliage to trap and devour prey. There are also lakes, and very high and dangerous cliffs.



This fruit is the reason that Rito came to Planet Mistletoe in the first place. It is said that Planet Mistletoe is the only planet that holds the rare Luckberry. When Rito and Lala found the Luckberry, they did not recognize it as first (since only Momo is able to distinguish the Luckberry). Also, the Luckberry was almost wilting. Therefore, Rito, not knowing whether the plant was good or bad, carried the plant on his back and carried it to a water source. Because of Rito's kindness, the Luckberry gave the group as much fruit as they want. This is by far the only plant that seems quite friendly than the others.

Pawada FlowerEdit

This flower was what caused Lala to lose her strength. When they arrived on the planet, the Pawada flower sprayed it's pollen on Lala. According to Momo, the pollen of the Pawada Flower contains chemicals that when inhaled, can cause the one who inhaled it to lose his/her strength. When Lala inhaled its pollen, her Devilukean strength vanished (but not completely), making her strength less than an Earthling. This caused Lala to be unable to support herself when walking which caused Rito to hold her hand so that she may keep her balance. However, when Lala could really no longer stand up, RIto carried her on his back. The only way to regain one's strength after inhaling the Pawada Flower's pollen is to eat a Luckberry.

Primitive PlantsEdit

These plants are very huge and fill up most of the planet. Because of their primitiveness, Momo was unable to communicate and befriend with them. When the group landed on the planet, the plants wanted to eat them. Since Yami was unable to use her Trans ability, she fought with basic martial arts instead. However, the plants were still able to get her and stun her because of her weakness to slimy things. In the end, to avoid getting eaten, Momo bluffed them by injecting a nutrient, which has a side effect of causing sleep, into one of the plants. Momo told the plants that the nutrient will decay the plants from the roots, thus causing them to run away from her.

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