Due to Momo's ability to communicate with plants, she has befriended plants from all across space and kept them with her as pets. With the use of the D-Dial Lala invented for her, Momo can summon plants wherever she is from her interplanetary botanical garden, a virtual space that she created where she keeps her plants.
  • Shibarisuki-San: A monstrous tree from planet Okiwana, unlike normal tree's it has a face with red eyes a mouth and has lots of roots that can be used as tentacles, it was used against Zastin to grab him.
  • Watermelon-San: A huge sentient watermelon with arms, legs and a mouth from the planet Melon, it spits out watermelon juice and seeds from its mouth and controls its roots like tentacles. It was used for the game "Watermelon Splitting" and it didn't seem to mind being eaten as Momo stated it takes pride in his flavor, however everyone found it too creepy, which upsets it, causing it to retaliate on the main cast. In the end it was cut up by Yami and eaten by some of the characters.
  • Adrin Flower: A flower that increases your tension, it was used on the Principal for Rito and Yui not to part ways.
  • Ame Flower-san: A sunflower like flower that pours rain, it was used for Rito and Yui to run to Rito's house.
  • Aphrodisiac Flower: Momo mentions that she has this type of flower however it is currently unseen. As the name suggests, it probably stimulates ones sexual desire, although Momo said it's only temporary.
  • Jikido Flower: A flower that changes the personality of anyone who smells it, Celine used it when she summoned allot of flowers from Momo's D-Dial and Rito accidentally smelled it which altered his personality (turning him to an actual pervert).
  • Kenja Flower: A flower that heals the effect of the Jikido flower, it was used by Momo for Rito to turn to normal from smelling the Jikido Flower. It can also be used as a calming agent.
  • Cannon Flowers: A flower from planet Juda and a species of garden balsam, it's huge and has a mouth which shoots fist size seeds. it was used when Momo protected Rito and Yami from Azenda.
  • Black rose: A black rose from planet Zelas that paralyzes the body and disrupts the concentration of the person.It was used when Momo protected Rito and Yami from Azenda.
  • Dazuul Seeds: Seeds that instantly grow when pressed against some physical force and wrap around anything or anyone within its reach, although it seems to molest girls private parts when caught in it. Momo seems to sense when they start growing.
  • Rainbow Roses: Multi-colored roses that shine all sorts of different colors from a rainbow, Momo states that they are very rare even in space.
  • Milkea Plant: A plant than secretes a white nectar that maintains the beauty of skin and also soothes fatigue. Momo used this plant when she and Rito shared "ghost stories" with Nemesis.
  • Chucchu Weed: A mass of giant vine tentacles with lips. It absorbs nutrients by using its lips to suck body secretions from any close by lifeform. Momo accidentally summons this plant while trying to get Rito and Kyouko into a romantic situation. The plant immediately spots the two and attacks, restraining Rito with vines, and capturing Kyouko before stripping her topless, exposing her breasts. The vines then use their large lips to pleasure the half naked girl by sucking on her nipples. Kyouto then scorches the plant with fire.

Anime OnlyEdit

  • Celine: While still in her original plant form, Celine was summoned by Momo as one of her temporary plants in the fourth OVA.
  • Sugitani: A huge sentient tree with a face on it from the planet Cedar. It produce a certain pollon that whoever breathes it in will act freely and express thier hidden desires. Evidently Devilukeans seem to be immune to it's effects, although it had no effect on Rito what so ever, this could be due to him already being honest with himself, any other reason if any is unknown. The tree seems to have perverted desires as when it breathed it himself, it started molesting Nana and Momo.