Nana Astar Deviluke

Nana Astar Deviluke TLRD Manga


Japanese ナナ・アスタ・デビルーク
Rōmaji Nana Asuta Debirūku
Planet Deviluke
Birthday August, 8
Gender Female
Height 151cm
Weight 43kg
Blood Type B
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 1-B
Education Currently attending Sainan High
Occupation Second Princess of Planet Deviluke
Relatives Lala Satalin Deviluke (Older Sister)
Momo Belia Deviluke (Twin Sister)
Gid Lucione Deviluke (Father)
Sephie Michaela Deviluke (Mother)
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features - Devilukean Tail
- Pettanko (Flat chested)
- Can communicate with animals
- Immature tendencies
- Tsundere
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 97
Anime Debut OVA 4
Seiyū Kanae Itō

Nana Astar Deviluke (ナナ・アスタ・デビルーク Nana Asuta Debirūku?) is the twin of Momo and the younger sister to Lala. She is the second princess of Deviluke. She has the ability to speak to and understand animals. Out of all the main female cast, she has shown the least attraction to Rito, regarding him as a "Beast". Even so, she has shown slight affection to Rito, with the notion that she has tried to sleep in his bed with him. In To Love-Ru, she used to be seen with Momo all the time, but in To Love-Ru Darkness, they are not together as often as before. This is because while Momo becomes more attached to Rito, Nana became friends with Mea Kurosaki, whom she hangs out with more often. Although Mea is a transformation weapon and has difficulty accepting the notion of friendship, she eventually becomes more open with her feelings to others through her friendship with Nana. 


Nana has long pink hair and purple eyes. In both To LOVE-Ru and To LOVE-Ru Darkness, Nana has pig tails. Like all Devilukeans, Nana also has a long black tail at her back, and like her sisters, she has a spade-shaped tail end. Nana also has a smaller bust than Momo which she is teased about by Momo. When Nana is fighting, her pupils become thinner and pointed. Another interesting note is that she has a pointed fang on the left side of her mouth making her the only Devilukean princess that has a pointed fang in her mouth. 


"You Beast!"
―Nana to Rito
Somewhat tomboyish, Nana is short-tempered and impatient, much unlike her twin sister. But underneath her brash, overreactive and angry behavior, Nana is actually very kind, helpful, cheerful and even loving. She has an open, sincere, and somewhat childlike side of herself that makes her cherish her friendships very much, which also makes her easily heartbroken when those friendships were ever lost or betrayed, such as with Mea, whom she considers her first true and closest friend.

Despite her tomboyish personality and temper, Nana has her vague charm that has even impressed some of the most mindless of individuals. Mea is an excellent example of this; When Nana was talking about how the two birds were going to fly west, Mea was astonished and amused when she found out that Nana could talk to animals, being fully accepting of this odd trait. Before, Mea was just a mindless being that was sent to Earth. Before she met Nana, Mea was following Nemesis's orders without question. Because of Nana's "charm", Mea has opened up since and has become best friends with her.

She can be very brave whenever her friends are in trouble, such as when she risks her own life just to save Haruna and her dog, when Mea is trying to scare her away, or when a little monkey is about to get hit by a truck.

Nana hates being teased by Momo because of her flat chest. While Momo possesses a developed figure similar to their elder sister and mother, Nana is far less developed and is very sensitive about the fact. Momo passively and playfully teases her about it, but Nana occasionally becomes upset and even hurt about it. She has also been described as something of 'uncareful', as she was apparently the kind of child who would often break her toys by mistake, and even still manages to get most of her belongings, and sometimes other people's, disjointed or improperly used. 

Nana seems to dislike anything lewd and impure, mostly referring to Rito and calling him a beast because of his bad habits. Ironically she initially didn't know what sex actually was, often thinking about how baby animals keep showing up in her virtual safari. After being told of the process, her reaction became a source of teasing for Mea. Originally, Nana was one of the few girls who didn't have any feelings for Rito, but eventually his kindness starts to grow on her, like when he helped her rebuild her friendship with Mea and hugged her in the process, which she remembered felt very good. Because of this, Nana has developed a tsundere side to her when it comes to Rito. Sometimes when she is denying something, she makes a certain outburst (mostly involving Rito), and her pig tails seem to rise up.

Nana slightly matures over the series, as pointed out by Momo, and grudgingly notes that Nana might be surpassing her. When Lala was attempting to kiss Rito, Nana advises her that Rito has some complicated thing he needs to deal with first before the kiss. This shows that Nana has some concern over how Rito might be feeling. And because she avoids and denies love most of the time, she has taken more time to think about and examine her own feelings more carefully, which gives her a better understanding of how Rito feels about his complicated relationships at the present, and she may understand love better than even Momo. She does, however, think that couples are supposed to kiss AFTER they are married.


Ever since childhood, Nana and Momo always fought. Whenever they would fight, their older sister, Lala, would always make a way for them to make up, and for Zastin not to be angry with them. An example of this is when they were children, and Momo and Nana were fighting. Zastin scolded them for fighting, but Lala caused her inventions to run amok then asked for Nana and Momo's help to catch them, so that Nana and Momo will work together, and so that Zastin would direct his anger towards Lala instead.

It was also seen in her past that she tried to break the mold and be different. This can be seen in her skills at art which are not very good. Rather then take in the lessons from her teacher she would go her own way and develop her own art style.

At some point, Nana traveled through space and met tons of animals she befriended due to her ability to talk to them.

Powers and Abilities

Devilukean/Charmian Hybrid Physiology: Like all Devilukeans, Nana's physical skills are greater than any known race. Her's in particular, because Nana can be very athletic, as she is very good at sports, even being asked to join Sainan High's swimming club. Nana also possesses the Devilukean's super strength and their bloodlust, making her very dangerous in battle. However her most notable ability is communicating with all animal life, it is revealed that this is a result of having Charmian descendance from her mother mixed with her Devilukean blood.

  • Superhuman Strength: As a Devilukean, Nana possesses incredible strength, even able throw an actual person (often Rito) a great distance.
    Nana Tail attack v2
  • Devilukean Tail: Like her sisters, she also has the ability to shoot lightning out from the tip of her tail, when using this ability in tandem with with Momo's, it creates an even more powerful lighting shot. Also like her sisters, Nana also becomes weak whenever someone touches her tail. This weakness is usually taken advantage of by Momo whenever they get into fights.

Nana Summoning Cloud-on

  • Zoolingualism: An ability unique only to Nana. She shares a connection to animal life since she was born, being able communicate with them, though this doesn't seem to be the case with animals with low intellect.
    • Expert Xenoecologist: Compared to both her sisters (and perhaps most characters), Nana is the least smart in comparison, even in Earth history. However, she is an expert on most animal biodiversity in the galaxy. She is very knowledgeable in the habitats and lifestyles of many species in the galaxy, and is able to customize and maintain the ecosystem in her cyber safari so that all her different pets from various alien sources can co-exist together. Strangely, she was unaware of where babies come from until recently.
  • Strong Will Power: She has great will power since she is the only person able to resist Mea's Psycho Dive which is shown twice.


Nana MTLR EP4 01

Nana summoning an animal from her D-Dial.

D-Dial: An invention with the same functions as a regular phone, however, her D-Dial is capable of summoning animals that she has met throughout space, whenever she needs them from her virtual Cyber Safari.

Anti-Gravity Wing System: A small chip placed at the back of most of her clothes that gives her a pair of devilish wings on the back to enable flight. This is an invention made by Lala.


Character What they call her What she calls them
Rito Yuuki Nana Rito (Yuuki Rito in thoughts), Kedamono (Beast), womanizer, lecher, animal
Momo Belia Deviluke Nana Momo
Lala Satalin Deviluke Nana Ane-ue
Gid Lucione Deviluke Nana Chichi-ue
Sephie Michaela Deviluke Nana Haha-ue
Zastin Nana-sama Zastin
Mea Kurosaki Nana-chan Mea
Mikan Yuuki Nana-san Mikan
Golden Darkness Princess Nana Yami
Haruna Sairenji Nana-chan Haruna
Maron Nana Maron
Yui Kotegawa Nana-san Kotegawa


The Japanese name Nana means grace, which is ironic, due to Nana's frequently shown temper. Even so, she does seem to be quite shy and graceful at times when necessary, most likely due to her being raised as a princess.

Like the other parts of the Devilukean family, Nana's second name is a reference to the demon, Astaroth, who was one of the three superior spirits (or the Unholy Trinity) of Hell, together with Lucifer (Satan) and Beelzebub.


  • However, her 3-sizes are B68-W54-H77. Nana's bust is smaller than Mikan's, probably making it the smallest bust in the entire series, including Celine who has a slightly bigger bust when she turns older.
Nana TLRD EP12 02

Nana's fanclub.

  • As opposed to the Venus Momo Club, Nana also has a small fan club of three boys with flat chest fetish. However, Nana wasn't impressed by them.
  • She is one of the 4 people who had already seen Rito Yuuki's 'beast'.
  • Nana's voice actress, Kanae Itō, also voices Serizawa Fumino in Mayoi Neko Overrun, another manga/anime by Kentaro Yabuki. Fumino has the same tsundere personality just like Nana.