To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 25
New Move ~Birds of a Feather~
TLRD CH25 Cover
Volume 7
Key Character(s) Mea Kurosaki
Mikan Yuuki
Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 8
Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~
Chapter 26
Uncounsciously ~Head Hazy? Heart Pounding~

Chapter 25: New Move ~Birds of a Feather~ is the twenty-fifth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Mea and Nemesis are having a conversation in the streets. Mea notes how long it's been since Nemesis came out in the open before her and asks if she likes Sainan Town, which she answers with a no, seeing how quiet it is. Nemesis notices an animal coming towards them, she mistakes it for a dog but Mea corrects her, noting that it's actually a cat. Nemesis looks at it and grows a pair of cat ears, which scares it and causes it to run off. She notes that at least she won't be bored. Nemesis mentions that she will have some fun until "Darkness" manifests itself, which causes Mea to ask what it is inside Yami. Nemesis responds by simply telling her to look forward to it. Nemesis then adds that "Darkness" is a dangerous power and if there is a mistake in the procedure, Yami may even turn on them.

Elsewhere, Mikan is walking with Yami, and tells her that she doesn't have to worry about what Nemesis said to her and that she can talk to her about anything she is unsure of because they're friends. They then part ways. Mikan heads to buy groceries when she comes across Mea buying a ton of sweets, much to her surprise. Mikan tells her that she should eat something a little more balanced (and notes that Mea is like Yami, who eats a lot of taiyaki). Since Mea doesn't know anything about Earth cuisine, Mikan invites her over for dinner, which Mea excitedly agrees to.

Later, at the Yuuki residence, Rito is quite surprised that Mikan invited Mea over despite the fact that she doesn't have a very good opinion of her. Because she is Yami's little sister though, she thought that she could try to know what kind of person she is and maybe become friends. Rito apologizes for keeping secrets from her about Mea. Mikan forgives him and says that hiding something from her is too conceited. The two smile at each other. Momo intrudes into their conversation and comments on how they are like a married couple, which embarrasses them both. Mikan brings Momo to the kitchen to help her cook, and at the same time, Mea and Nana come to see how Mikan cooks, because Mea thinks her cooking is delicious. Lala brings Celine upstairs to give her a bath, during which Peke notices that she doesn't usually take one before dinner and asks if she has any plans., Lala answers in the negative, and since everyone else is having fun with Mea she thought they should take care of Celine there. Suddenly Celine notices Lala's breasts and attempts to nurse, which pushes Lala back onto the ground. Downstairs, Rito hears the noise Lala is making, Mea compliments Mikan on how good she is at cooking and asks if Nana also cooks together with her, but she says she's not so good at it. Momo tells her that if she can't at least cook, then she won't be able to become a bride and asks Rito if he agrees, which angers Nana, causing her to say that he has nothing to do with it. Mea asks Mikan if she can cut the vegetables. Mikan lets her and is unexpected at how she is interested in something like this. As Mikan teaches her how to do it right, she notes it's like the time she taught Yami how to cook. Mea asks if she can use her ability and starts cutting the vegetables with a blade from her pony tail at speed. Mea begins getting a bit too excited about the cutting part and her clothes starts to change into her black Gothic outfit, which scares everyone else a little. Mea begins to cut off others' clothes. Mikan tells her to stop, while Rito pushes her out of the way, narrowly avoiding a hit. However, his pants are then cut and fall off, exposing him to the room, much to Mikan's shock (whose face is dangerously close to her brother's penis, Momo's perverted excitement, and Nana's 'anger'). Back in the bathroom, Lala has finally managed to pull off milk-hungry Celine off of her, and irritably tells her that her boobs don't have any milk yet, and says that she jumping on other girls for that.

Suddenly, Lala comes in with Celine. Mea acts calmly again so that she won't see her abilities. Lala wonders what happened to their clothes and they pass it off as a malfunction they had during food preparations, so then Peke fixes them. The vegetables are all torn to shreds. Nana scolds Mea for overdoing it and she apologizes, saying a switch just flipped, to which Momo adds that that side of her is like Nemesis. Mikan and Momo continue cooking while Nana and Mea go to the living room. Soon everyone is enjoying dinner, especially Mea, who compliments Mikan. Mikan claims that in the end she couldn't become friends with her after what happened. Mea comments on how warm it is eating together with other people. Hearing this, Mikan notes that even if she looks like she's used to Earth, she's just like Yami was a while back. After dinner, Mea, who is about to leave, thanks everyone for the company. As she leaves, Nana apologizes to Mikan for the trouble that occurred, but she claims that it's fine and if she wants to, she can invite her again. Everyone is surprised by what she said. Although, Mikan doubts that they can be friends like she is with Yami.

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