New Student Reborn (蘇る転校生 Yomigaeru tenkōsei) is the eighty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Lala sits in class, contemplating with Peke why her progress with Rito is so slow; which Rito overhears. Suddenly, Yui slams open a door, mumbling to herself that something is impossible. Honegawa then tells the class that they have a new student. Suddenly, Oshizu walks into the class, but in a human-form, rather then her ghost-form. Everyone goes to Mikado-Sensei, who explains that she made Oshizu an artificial body at her request. Oshizu says that she is uncomfortable in the school uniform (obviously being old fashion, born four hundred years before). Oshizu then falls flat on her face, explaining that it has been a while since she used legs. Oshizu then comes out of her artificial body, which Honegawa sees. Honegawa's ghost then comes out of his body, but Oshizu shoves it back in, and then convinces him that it was just a dream. Later, Lala sees a stray dog, which naturally frightens Oshizu. Oshizu starts randomly realizing mental force, causing garbage cans to be thrown, breaking open Risa's shirt and bra, pulling on Yui's panties, and much more. Lala then throws "Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun," at the dog. Haruna then manages to stop the tirade by comforting Oshizu and hugging her. Oshizu then explains that now that she can be bitten by dogs again, she is even more horrified. Oshizu then thanks Haruna for calming her. Noticing this, Lala goes to hug Rito, who is stuck up in a tree from the earlier tirade.

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