Night Tutor (深夜の家庭教師 Shinsha no kateikyōshi) is the seventieth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Risa and Mio ask Haruna what she got on a math test. Haruna got a 98, which impresses both of them very much. Meanwhile, Rito, who got an abysmal 18, sits wondering what he will do. Rito realizes that he hasn't studied recently, Rito believes that Haruna will hate him for doing poorly on his test. Rito drops his test, just as Yami walks up. He happens to look up her skirt and she steps on his head. Yami grabs his test, and snickers at the score. Yami then tells Rito that he should study with someone smart and suitable for Rito, Lala. While Lala is bathing, Rito looks at her test and is very surprised to find out she got a hundred. Peke then explains to Rito that Lala is one of the universe's greatest geniuses, and that it's a shame that it is spent on her pranks. At one point, Lala's parents wanted to use her intelligence to develop weapons. Rito recalls a time where Lala showed him the results of her test, which she got a zero on. However, Peke explains that this is simply because she couldn't read Japanese. Rito then realizes that he overlooked how genius Lala's inventions are. Lala then comes in feeling refreshed, and Rito tells her not to come in only a towel. Lala then asks Rito what he's doing, and she wants to help him. Rito says she can help if she gets dressed, and Lala calls on a tired Peke. Lala then explains to Rito how to do each problem, and he understands it fully. Rito then tells Lala that she truly is a super-genius, and that she's fantastic. Rito's compliments flatter Lala, making her blush. Rito then blushes himself, and wonders if he is falling for Lala. Rito drops an eraser, realizing that he must concentrate. When he looks up, he notices that Lala's clothes are dissolving due to Peke being exhausted. Rito tries to get up to get Lala some clothes, but trips the both of them. Just then, Mikan comes in to give Rito some coffee to help keep him diligent. Mikan sees Rito in a very suggestive position on the bed with Lala, who is naked. Rito tries to convince Mikan that he was studying. Mikan obviously doesn't believe him, but tells him to "continue to try his best" and that she "doesn't know what exactly he's studying." Rito tries to tell her that it is just a misunderstanding. The next day in class, despite his best efforts, Rito cannot remember anything.

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