Nighttime Terror (気になる夜 Kininaru yoru) is the seventy-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Rito was beaten by Yami, but not killed. Yami says that if he had the intention to see the girls naked, she would have killed him. The girls and Rito all get into their pajamas and go to sleep, Yami sleeping with Mikan and Haruna sleeping with Lala. Lala talks to Haruna about the recent events, wishing that things would stay like they are forever. Meanwhile, Rito is fantasizing about Haruna sleeping next door to him. He hears Celine growling, and he thinks that a burglar is outside. Rito goes to take a look.

While he is patrolling the house, Rito accidentally gropes Haruna's butt, who slaps him immediately, not knowing that it was him. They both continue to search for the burglar, checking Mikan and Yami's room (where Rito almost gets killed by Yami, who is sleeping standing). Rito concludes that since Yami did not wake up, there is no danger, but he and Haruna hear someone coming in the kitchen. They hide in a small room, waiting to see who the person is.

Haruna is afraid, but Rito assures her that he will protect her if something happens, making her blush. Rito then thinks to himself about the size of the room and how Haruna is so close to him in a lewd position. Rito, who can see Haruna's breasts in her shirt, gets flustered so much that he bursts out of the room because of it. Rito sees his dad, drunk and who thinks that Rito is a burglar. His dad punches him, knocking Rito out. Haruna reminisces about Rito's comment that he will protect her if anything happens, and Lala dreams of Rito, hugging Peke, thinking that she is Rito.

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