To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 19
Nostalgia ~Back Then, At That Place~
TLRD CH19 Cover
Volume 5
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Yui Kotegawa
Rito Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 18
Exchange ~Me and I~
Chapter 20
Uneasy ~Hearts bewilderment~

Chapter 19: Nostalgia ~Back Then, At That Place~ is the nineteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

The chapter begins with Yui dreaming of a time back when she was just a fifth-year, and she came across a cat stuck in a tree. Yui then wakes up, and tries to remember what happened next. After getting ready, Yui goes to leave to go look at cats at a pet store. On her way out, Yuu teases her, asking her if she's going on a date with Rito, which she quickly denies. Yui then reflects on how boys have always caused her trouble as a class rep, even Rito is no exception. While walking, Yui comes across a shrine, which reminds her of her previous memory. While she recalls the past, she is interrupted by Rito, who is on his way back from helping his Dad out with his Mangas. The two are then interrupted by "The Skunk Of Youth," that Run brought to school to prank Lala in Chapter 85 of the original manga. Yui realizes that they need to catch it, so it doesn't spray people in town, and Rito agrees, reluctantly. Rito walks slowly towards the skunk, trying hard not to startle it. However, despite his precaution, Rito and Yui are sprayed by the skunk. Yui yells at Rito for scaring the skunk, while the skunk runs off. The two then go to run after the skunk, but Yui trips due to her large clothes. She stumbles in front of Rito, landing right in front of him, and exposing herself to Rito. Embarrassed, Rito swears to Yui that he didn't see anything, because he was too busy looking for the skunk. As the two go to look for the skunk, they see Peke in town. Rito realizes that Peke can shrink their clothes for them, and Rito goes to explain what happened to Peke. Meanwhile, Mea sits in the park, wondering why she has not heard from her Nemesis in a long time. Suddenly Nana and Momo run into Mea, and give her some crepes. Mea then remembers that Tearju told her in Chapter 16, and realizes that the less she hears from Nemesis, the more she thinks of what Tearju told her. Momo then sense some sort of darkness surrounding Mea, Momo then wonders if Rito is back from his Father's house. Momo then blushes because she mistakenly said Father, as if her and Rito were married. Suddenly, the skunk runs by Momo, Nana, and Mea, and sprays them, turning them younger. Meanwhile, the skunk wreaks havoc on the town, spraying Mikan, Yami, Haruna, Maron, the Principal, Saki, Aya, and Rin. Elsewhere, Rito calls Run, who apologizes, and tells Rito that her Modorin (Skunk) escaped when Ren accidentally left the door open.Rito and Yui then go to search for the skunk. Yui states that Run must be careless to have kept the skunk with her at all this time, but Rito insists that Run has been taking care of it properly. Rito then adds that Run has a very caring side as well, and Yui wonders why Rito is covering for Run, adding that he has her number, and how utterly shameless he is. Rito then asks if it is shameless to have Run's number, then why does he have Yui's number as well. Rito then adds that he doesn't do shameless things because he wants to, but Yui is not convinced. Yui then recalls back to Chapter 4, where her and Rito were together at his house after escaping the rain. Yui then wonders if Rito had been more daring, where things would be now, but gets embarrassed and focuses. Suddenly, the skunk falls from a tree onto Rito's face. As Rito struggles with the skunk, he flails his arms, and accidentally pulls Yui's shirt up, and then they both fall onto the ground. Two women who saw Rito's blunder remark about "Children these days," while Yui yells at Rito for being so shameless. Yui then thinks to herself that Rito could be her first love, and states that she will never acknowledge it. Rito meanwhile realizes that the skunk is getting tired, and that they may catch it soon. Rito then notices that the skunk has run up on a small ledge on top of a wall. Rito goes to climb the wall to save the skunk, despite protest from Yui that it is too dangerous. Rito insists that he is good at "Things like this *climbing).." Yui then recalls a similar scene, where she tried to climb up a tree to save the cat she was dreaming of earlier. After failing to climb up the tree, Yui tried to get a couple of boys to help her. However, the boys were very rude to Yui, and left her to go play video games instead. Going back to help the cat, Yui noticed a little boy with his sister at the same tree. The boy was climbing the tree to help the cat, and Yui wondered who he was. As it turns out the boy and girl were Rito and Mikan, and after Rito got the cat down from the tree, Yui told him that she saw a poster for a missing cat on a post, believing it to be the same cat. Yui then remembers that not all boys are bad, and have Mal-intent. Yui is then snapped out of her flashback by Rito, who has the skunk and is lowering himself down from the ledge. However, Rito slips, while still holding onto the skunk, but is caught by Yami, and lowered to safety. Yami then tells Rito that he owes her one. Mikan, Nana, Momo, and Mea then come running over to see if Rito is alright. Later, they all return the skunk to Run, who is very happy to see that her pet is safe. Run then tells everyone that the skunk sleeps most of the day, but because of the little space, can be hard to keep track of at all times. Nana then suggests that Run put her pet in her D-Dial, due to the fact that there is a very large, virtual environment in it. Run then agrees, even though she thinks she may be a bit more lonely. Nana then insists that Run can come and see her pet anytime, and Run thanks her. Yui then remarks at what a troublemaker Run is. The next day in school, Yui asks Rito if he use to go help his father out with his Manga a lot when he was younger. Rito tells hers that he did, and would often take Mikan along to go and play at a shrine too. Rito asks Yui why she asks, and Yui mumbles to herself that "It hasn't changed since then", confusing Rito. Yui then yells that "This and That are different issues," confusing Rito even more. Celine then comes up and waters the school's flowers.

Trivia Edit

This chapter is included at the second OVA of To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Series.

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