Oh My Little Sister! (妹よ... Imōto yo...) is the eighty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Yui yells at her brother, Yuu Kotegawa, for walking around the house without a shirt on. Yuu then tells Yui that she will never get a boyfriend with that attitude. Later, while walking around town, Yui sees Rito and Lala shopping together. Yui then hears Lala jokingly asking Rito if he wants to bathe with her, and she yells at them, and walks off. While walking, Yui goes up and tells three thugs to stop sitting on the sidewalk. The men get up and grab Yui, telling her to play with them a bit. All the people walking around pretend they don't see this happening, and Yui hopes someone helps her. Suddenly, Rito runs in and grabs Yui and runs off with her. Yuu sees Rito running with Yui and wonders what's going on. Meanwhile, Rito regrets sending Lala home with the groceries, or else she could help. Rito and Yui then go to climb a fence, and Rito accidentally sees up her skirt. Yui then makes him go first, and after he goes, her skirt gets stuck in the fence and she falls. Rito catches her, at the expense of his own body. They sit, wondering if they have lost the guys. Yui can't understand why her heart is beating so fast. Rito then tells Yui that she should not be doing such reckless things with people like that. Yui then points out to Rito that he accidentally grabbed her chest when she fell. When Rito gets embarrassed and apologizes, Yui tells him that he's overreacting. Yui then tells Rito that she will let him slide (she's really happy he saved her). Rito then tells Yui that he didn't know that she could smile, and she yells at him for being rude. Yuu beat up the guys for messing with his sister, and wonders when Yui will mature. Meanwhile, Lala tries to get Mikan to take a lava bath with her, but she passes.

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