Planet Okiwana

Okiwana is a planet that is about two million light years from Earth. It appeared in Chapter 66 when Lala intended to go to the beach with her friends using a teleporting invention of her's, however due to a set back it send them to this planet instead of the island Okinawa, the group was then stranded on this planet due the invention being left behind until Mikado who happens to be collecting herbs brought them back with her.


The planet resembles a more prehistoric world where it's mostly covered in forests and jungles with tall trees.

This planet is shown to have great beach's and apparently there are also hot springs found in certain places.


The planets inhabitants also appear to be prehistoric and Jurassic-like and there doesn't seem be any sign of civilian life.


Monkey-like creatures that live in on this planet that appear to be playful and mischievous, as when they stole everybody's luggage and ran away within the the trees. These creatures appear to be really furry and have elf-like ears.


The planet also consists of large reptiles that apparently resemble Dinosaurs, such as flying ones that are similar to Earth's Pterodactyl and most notably other ones that appears to be a cross between a Ceratopsian and Tyrannosaurus.

Plant lifeEdit

The plant can also be highly dangerous such huge trees with a face grabs any thing with it prehensile branches and ones that have fruit with mouths and razor sharp teeth. Although there happens to be some edible fruit and herbs used for medicine,


  • On this planet there are no signals for phones to work even more advanced ones like Lala's D-Dial.

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