TLR Magical Kyoko Cover

Exploding Heat Girl Magical Kyouko Flame!! is an omake and the eighty-eighth.five chapter of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Kyouko Kirisaki introduces herself as a students who is half-witch, who resolves everything by using her abilities to summon fire. Just then, her friend Ikeman-Sempai comes running up to her, and telling her that the evil organization known as Uzarth's Men has come. The next day, General Afro wreaks havoc around town, threatening to give everyone an afro haircut. Shirone, Kyouko's talking cat assistant, urges her to transform and fight the general. Kyouko then confronts Afro, but he is not afraid. Afro then pulls out a fire-extinguisher, which is Kyouko's weakness. The episode ends with a sign saying to be continued. Lala then tells Rito that Kyouko is in a lot of trouble.

Note Edit

  • Episode 20 of the first anime is based on this chapter (though the story was stretched into a full episode).

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