On The Night Of The Festival is the one hundred and tenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

A hitman talks to his employer about how easy Rito will be to take care of. At the Sainan Firework Festival, Yami tries to play a game but loses because she is to strong. Meanwhile, Rito wins his eighth in a row. Yami watches jealously, as Rito wins multiple prizes at different games. Rito then tells Haruna and Oshizu that it has been easy for him to win games since he was a kid. Yami then misinterprets this as an insult to her, and reminds Rito that he is still her target. Lala then comes running up, and Rito blushes seeing her in her Yukata. Lala then tells them that Nana and Momo are looking around by themselves. Rito then thinks to himself that Lala looks a lot more lady-like in her Yukata, saying that his heart skipped a beat. Oshizu then thinks to herself that she will help Haruna confess to Rito whenever she sees a chance. Run plays on the stage, and Lala remarks that she is giving it her all. Oshizu then uses her mental powers to push Haruna into Rito. This backfires when Rito accidentally grabs Haruna's chest, and Yami remarks that he is so perverted. The group then goes to a rooftop with a good view to watch the fireworks. Rito then goes to buy everyone food and drinks. On his way Rito is going to buy Yami some taiyaki to lighten her up, but is attacked by a web like substance. A men then tells Rito that he finally has him now that he is separated, and pulls on his throat. Just then, Yami comes in and cuts the rope. Yami then admits she had the feeling of being watched, and tells the man not to mess with her target.

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