To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 14
Past ~Memories Leading To Tomorrow~
TLRD CH14 Cover
Volume 4
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Tearju Lunatique
Chapter Guide
Chapter 13
Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~
Chapter 15
Refrain ~Warmth~

Chapter 14: Past ~Memories Leading To Tomorrow~ is the fourteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Back in the past, a cheerful Yami awakes to Doctor Tearju asking her how she feels. Yami smiles and says she feels great. Back in the present, Yami tells Rito that she is a clone of Doctor Tearju, and that even in her teens, Tearju was a biotechnological genius that nobody could compare to. Back in the past, Tearju would often read books to Yami. On one occasion, Tearju read a story about a girl who had many friends, and Yami asked Tearju if she will have friends someday too. Tearju smiled and said of course she will, and told her to introduce them to her when she did. Yami then states that back in the past, her heart was willed with light. Meanwhile, Momo goes down the stairs, so concerned with what Rito and Yami are doing, that she couldn't sleep. However, Mikan doesn't believe her, and tries to push her back to her room, but Momo stops her and reminds her that Rito and Yami are in the same bed, with their hands stuck together, and asks her if she would honestly be surprised if anything happened. Mikan then stops to think of what could actually be happening, and Momo tells her that they should go check together. Meanwhile, Rito asks where Tearju is now, and Yami tells him that she doesn't even know if she is alive or not. Yami then explains that one day, she ran around looking for Tearju, but was greeted by a couple of shady men, who convinced her that she was a weapon, and didn't need friends. Yami then recalls that the group of people pretended to be a respectable organization, but in reality were intent on training Yami to be a super weapon, and mass-producing clones of her, to create a black-market supplier for the Galactic War. Rito is enraged that because of those people, Yami is the emotionless-assassin that she is today, but Yami asks him to calm down. Yami then tells him that after Gid and the Devilukian Army fought the organization, it was eradicated. Rito then states that if Tearju was always with Yami, that maybe she'd be happier now, and Yami thinks that Rito is strange, worrying about her, when he is her target. Yami then thinks to herself that she is really the strange one, and wonders why she feels at peace with Rito. Meanwhile, Mikan and Momo walk down the stairs, but Mikan second guesses if this is right. Mikan says that she feels awkward that not trusting Yami, but Momo states that Rito can unintentionally be very naughty in his sleep (Often dreaming of food), and maybe Yami might not be able to resist the ecchi temptation. Mikan then states that she thinks Yami is strong willed enough to resist, and Momo says that if she is sure, then it couldn't hurt to check. Mikan then grabs Momo's tail, and states that she trusts Yami. Back in the room, Yami backs away from Rito, thinking of how she wanted to tell him to hold him, but then states that she's not in the right state of mind. Suddenly, Rito and Yami's hands are separated, and Rito jumps up relieved. Yami then asks Rito if he is happy to be separated from him, and Rito says that that is the case. Yami then hits Rito in the head, knocking him out, and calls him an idiot. Yami then goes to go to sleep, and remembers sleeping in Tearju's arms when she was younger. Yami then grabs Rito's arm and snuggles up to him, saying good night. Elsewhere in the house, Nana mumbles to herself in her dream that Rito is a beast, and Lala also dreams about Rito, obviously in a loving manner. Meanwhile, Mea talks to her master about trying to hack into Mikado-Sensei's computer, but the security is too tight. Nemesis then tells Mea that if that's the case, they only have one enemy, and Mea asks who it is. The next day, Rito yawns, tied from the night before, and states that he, Mikan, and Momo all got a bad night's sleep. Rito then wonders if Yami managed to get to sleep, remembering that she wasn't there in the morning, and wonder if because Yami opened up about her past to Rito, if she is letting her guard down with him. Lala then comes running up to Rito, and tells him that they are going to have a new assistant homeroom teacher. In class, the assistant teacher is no other then Doctor Tearju, which shocks Rito greatly, as he realizes who it is.

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