Planet Mistletoe is the one hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Mikan watches as Yami's ship flies off, and prays for the group's quick return. On the ship, Momo notices Rito worrying about Celine, and asks him how important she is. Rito explains that because he has had Celine for a while, she is part of the family. Momo explains to Rito that she never thought she would meet someone so willing to risk their life. Momo then blushes and wonders if she should try what Lala hasn't (Implying a kiss, or more). Yami overhears their conversation, and contemplates the idea of family once again. Back with Mikan: Yui, Haruna, and Oshizu come over because Lala had invited them. Mikan explains the situation to them, and in space, Lala remembers that she had invited them, and Nana assures her that Mikan will explain the situation to them. The group then arrives at Planet Mistletoe. Peke then tells Lala that the fog is emitting electromagnetic-waves that could potentially affect him if they get any stronger. Momo then tries to talk to the plants, but all of them sound evil, with terrible intentions. Just then, one of them sprays pollen into Lala's face, and another grabs Rito by a vine. The plant then drops Rito over a cliff, and Lala flies down to save him. She grabs him, but cannot find the strength to pull him back up. The fog then gets thicker, preventing Yami from transforming, and causing Peke to pass out. Rito and Lala then continue to fall, as Nana and Momo watch in horror.

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