Pollen Telepathy is the one hundred and twenty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito goes out to take Celine for a walk. Meanwhile, Yui is out for a walk, and tries to get a stray cat to come to her. Just then Rito runs into her, and they walk together. Rito then recalls that Celine is part of a super rare species of plants, that not even Momo knows that much about their ecology. Celine then jumps into Yui's arms, and she is flattered that she likes her. An elderly women then mistakes Rito, Yui, and Celine as a family. Yui then imagines family life with Rito. Snapping out of it, they realize that Celine has run off. They find her stealing a coke from a store. They then notice that Celine has gotten drunk from the coke. Celine then runs up to Saki, Rin, and Aya, and sprays them with some sort of pollen. Suddenly, Saki jumps on Rito, saying that she loves him. Yui then pulls Saki off of Rito, and they run off. Celine goes on a spraying spree, hitting many people in the town. Rito and Yui then run around a corner, and hide. Just then, much to their horror, the principal comes running up in his underwear and jumps on Rito. Thirty minutes later, the flowers fall off of the people, and they seem to come back to their conscious state. Momo then explains to Rito and Lala that it seems Celine can transfer some of her love for Rito to other people through her pollen. Rito sits wondering why, which Celine happily eats a bowl of noodles.

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