To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 60
Power and power ~Fleeting Battle~
TLRD CH60 Cover
Volume 15
Release Date 2015
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Gid Lucione Deviluke
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 59
Enjoy myself ~Dark Matter~
Chapter 61
Taken ~Nemesis~


The chapter opens with Lala presenting her new "Cyber Onsen System" to her sisters in the bath, stating that it allows the users to enjoy scenery based on the season using cyberspace. The girls are excited to try it out and Lala switches the machine on, resulting in the machine not working. Peke and Momo both begin fiddling with the machine, revealing that there are no problems with the machine and that there is probably a delay. Suddenly, both Peke and Momo are transferred to cyberspace, leaving Lala and Nana behind.

We come back to Rito, Zastin, Nemesis and Gid in cyberspace, revealing that Gid has now returned to normal size and regained his power. After exchanging a few words, Gid and Nemesis initiate a fight, with Gid stating that he won't hold back because she looks like a kid. The scene switches to Yami and Mea sitting down and eating at a dango stand. Mea tells Yami that it is Nemesis' favorite food, and then asks if she likes Nemesis. Yami asks if Mea likes Nemesis even after all the things she did to Mea. The conversation ends with them both deciding that they are concerned for Nemesis.

The scene transfers yet again to cyberspace where Gid and Nemesis are locked in battle. Nemesis makes swords appear from thin air and attack Gid, which he easily dodges. Rito mistakes this attack for the warp that Darkness used. Zastin corrects him, and reveals that it is actually dark matter. Gid then effortlessly destroys the blades with a movement of his arm, asking if that is all, before attacking Nemesis directly. Also in cyberspace, Momo and Peke momentarily wonder where in cyberspace they are, before an explosion erupts, sending Rito flying into Momo, landing in one of his trademark "positions". Momo informs Rito that it is embarrassing, but he can do as he likes. Before Rito can react, a coconut from a tree above Rito falls and lands on his head, forcing it down onto Momo and splattering it's juice onto her. The three then acknowledge the battle going on before them. Nemesis begins saying that her body will be restored no matter what since her body is made of dark matter, but before she can finish, Gid begins a flurry of attacks with his tail. Before Nemesis can use a strong attack, Gid releases a large and powerful beam, which Momo recognizes is specific to her father. Nemesis' body is momentarily rendered to pure darkness as her body slowly regenerates, which Gid announces as one of the flaws of a body of dark matter, also revealing that if she uses too much power, she will disperse and vanish. Gid offers her a chance: if she kneels to him, he will leave it as it is. Before she can answer, Rito calls out to her, saying that fighting isn't the answer. Nemesis declines, and begins provoking Gid. The chapter ends with Rito wondering if Nemesis has a death wish.