Predicting Love is the one hundred and seventeenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Nana takes a shower at Haruna's house, thinking about what Maron told her. Haruna then gives Nana some of her old clothes, and puts her's in the wash. Just then, Akiho comes in, praising Nana for being so cute, just like Lala. Nana then watches joyfully as Akiho teases Haruna. Maron then notices Nana's tail, and can't resist jumping on it and licking it. Haruna pulls him off, and apologizes. Akiho then leaves for a date with Yuu Kotegawa. Nana then asks Haruna if she would go on a date with Rito. Back at the Yuuki residence, Rito, Lala, Momo, and Mikan wonder where Nana is, noticing that there seems to be rain coming. Back at Haruna's house, Nana tells Haruna that Maron told her that Haruna likes Rito. Haruna then yells and shakes Maron, but Nana tells her not to. Nana then asks what is so great about Rito. Haruna then tells Nana that whenever she is with Rito, she feels warm, telling her that Lala would say the same thing. Haruna then tells Nana that she couldn't tell Lala her feelings, because she is her most precious friend, and she doesn't want to ruin that. Haruna then wonders to herself if a true friend would hide their feelings. Nana then leaves Haruna's house to get home, but it starts to rain after she leaves. While taking cover, Rito comes running up to Nana with two umbrellas. Nana then stops and remembers what Haruna said. When Rito asks her what's wrong, she shakes it off, and calls him a playboy, which he resents.

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