Prologue ~Commence Project~ (Prologue~プロジェクト始動~?) / Pollen Plan ~Dangerous Litte Sister~ (Pollen Plan~危険な妹情事~?) / Body touch? ~MEOWnderful Life~ (Body touch?~ニャンダフルライフ~?) is the 1st To Love Ru: Darkness OVA of the To Love-Ru series. The OVA was released with the Darkness manga's fifth volume on August 17, 2012.


Prologue ~Commence Project~Edit

Momo tries to get Rito’s attention by changing her hair style, but has little success. Momo then learns from Lala that Rito loves both Lala and Haruna, and since he will become king of Deviluke he can marry both girls, and return both of their love. Inspired, Momo begins a plan to eliminate Rito’s indecisive nature and create him a harem, that way Momo and the other girls who love Rito can have their love for him be fulfilled.

Pollen Plan ~Dangerous Litte Sister~Edit

A drunken Celine sprays Mikan with pollen, causing Mikan to develop romantic feelings towards Rito. As she waits for the effects to wear off, Momo learns of her plight and “helps” by leaving her alone with Rito. Mikan succumbs to the effect of the pollen and nearly kisses him, but manages to regain her senses at the last minute. Momo decides Mikan is not yet ready to accept her own feelings, but promises she will include Mikan in the harem.

Body touch? ~MEOWnderful Life~Edit

Thanks to one of Lala’s inventions, Haruna is turned into a cat and wanders the streets contemplating what to do. Remembering that Nana can speak to animals, she goes to find her, but runs into Rito. Circumstances then force Rito to give Haruna a bath, which becomes too much stimulation for her causing her to revert to normal, albeit naked and on top of an unconscious Rito. An embarrassed Haruna is then left to explain the situation to a confused Mikan.

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