To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 0
Prologue ~ Prologue and Activation
TLRD CH0 Cover
Volume 1
Release Date 2010
Key Character(s) Momo Belia Deviluke
Rito Yuuki
Chapter Guide
To LOVE-ru Chapter 162
Chapter 1

Chapter 0: Prologue ~ Prologue and Activation is the prologue chapter of the To-Love Ru Darkness series.


Momo recalls the events of chapter 162 in To Love Ru. Momo remembers watching as Rito blundered his confession to Haruna. Momo then talks about how all she wants is for Rito to direct his attention to her, regardless of what position she is in his eyes. Momo then tries to straighten her hair to look more like an adult. Meanwhile, Rito also recalls the events of chapter 162, stating that while he is glad he was able to confess to Lala, his confession to Haruna failed. Rito then recalls that he managed to convince everyone that he said "I love the pool," not "I love you!" Momo then comes out and tells Rito that she made him some tea. Rito thanks her and asks her if she did something with her hair. He then tells her that it's good, which upsets Momo, because she expected a more lively response. Lala comes up to Momo, happy as ever, and asks her if she did something with her hair. Momo asks Lala why she is so happy, and Peke tells her that at the pool, Rito confessed his love to Lala. Lala then yells at Peke, and Momo says that she thought Rito loved Haruna. Lala then tells Momo that Rito has loved Haruna for longer. Lala then tells Momo that if he marries her, Earth laws won't apply anymore, so he can marry Haruna, and everyone can be happy. Lala then tells Momo that she is going to help Rito confess to Haruna from the shadows. Momo then thinks how Lala is always so pure-hearted and optimistic. Momo then thinks about what Lala said, and realizes that Rito could marry more then one person. She then notes that with his personality, it would be hard to convince him to marry more then one person. Meanwhile, Nana thinks about Rito's accidental confession to everyone at the pool, and wonders what it was about. Momo then asks Nana if she wants to transfer into Sainan High School. The two do, and Momo continues on with her plan to get all the girls around Rito closer with him. Meanwhile, Haruna wonders what Rito was going to tell her at the pool. At her house, Kotegawa thinks about Rito, and the float he inflated for her at the pool. Momo then figures that the toughest part, will be changing Rito himself. Momo then strips and opens up the door to the bathroom Rito's in. Thus begins Momo's Harem plan.