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Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun

Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun, the first of many of Lala's infamous inventions to be introduced and most notable of them, it appeared in To Love-Ru Chapter 1, Episode 1. 


This bracelet-like device allows the user and anyone in physical contact with them to teleport to a random nearby place, so there is no telling where they might end up. Once this device is used, it will take a whole day to recharge in order for it to be used again, as Lala stated that it's only for emergencies such as being chased. Whats worst is that it only takes organic materials such as "living units" but not their clothes, meaning the user will be teleported completely naked. This invention was later upgraded in To Love-Ru Darkness to also take the users clothes, however it only took the socks. Lala has created multiple versions throughout the series each with different side effects.


It basicly resembles a grey bracelet with an odd looking ceature on it with red eyes and what appears to be long ears attaching to the ring.

Also See:Edit

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