To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 21
Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~
TLRD CH21 Cover
Volume 6
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 6
The Changing Heart ~Honest Feelings~
Chapter 22
After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~

Chapter 21: Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~ is the twenty-first chapter of the To Love Ru Darkness manga series.


Mea is absent from school. Momo notices that Nana is upset and recalls what Rito said what happened between Nana and Mea; Nana saw Mea in her semi-weapon form and both are in shock by their encounter. Nana questioned Mea's appearance and noted it was like the transfomation ability. Mea replied that she is a second generation transformation weapon and that that their friendship was all lie and said that there is no way a weapon and a person can connect heart-to-heart, which left Nana heartbroken.

At home, knowing that Nana is upset, Momo wonders if she should have pulled them apart after learning Mea's true identity, but Rito disagrees because he knows Mea's true feelings better from his earlier encounter with her. When Lala hears that Rito is going to see Nana to talk with her, she expects that if he goes it will be alright. Rito uses the portal door in Nana's room to enter her cyber safari park. There, he finds Nana, who was still upset and wanted to be alone.

When they begin talking with each other, Nana mentions how she was worried about how Mea lives all alone and has an older sister, noting that she might have had some difficult circumstances she couldn't tell other people. Nana calls herself stupid for not knowing that Yami was Mea's sister or anything else about it. When she begins crying, saying that her frendship was an act to Mea, Rito encourages her to talk to Mea. She tearfully shouts that Mea doesn't care about her at all, Rito immediately hugs Nana to comfort her. He asks her if she doesn't want to see Mea again. Nana replies that she does want to, but says that Mea doesn't feel the same way. Rito convinces her that Mea feels lonely inside and is hiding her true self, and encourages Nana to become friends with her again, now that she understands Mea better.

Later, in the bath with Momo, Nana tells her that she will try talking to Mea again. Nana is also still flustered from being hugged by Rito, and mentions that it felt good to be hugged by him. Momo suddenly feels jealous, realizing that she was never hugged by Rito, and begins molesting Nana's tail, such a way they usually fight. Outside, Peke and Lala overhear them and notice Nana feeling better, which Lala happily states it's as expected from Rito.


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