To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 15
Refrain ~Warmth~
TLRD CH15 Cover
Volume 4
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Tearju Lunatique
Chapter Guide
Chapter 14
Past ~Memories Leading To Tomorrow~
Chapter 16
The Right Thing ~What is a Way of Life?~

Chapter 15: Refrain ~Warmth~ is the fifteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

In class, Tearju teaches a lesson, but is harassed by boys in the class, such as Saruyama, who asks her various questions, such as if she is single. The girls, such as Yui, fight back against the boys, telling them not to do anything shameless. Tearju tries to calm them all down, but she hits her leg on the desk, which leads to her hitting her head on the desk as well. Risa then asks why they got a student teacher, and Lala says that it was to help their teacher, Honekawa, who is suffering from lower-back pain. Lala then states how surprised she is that Tearju looks just like Yami. Oshizu then calls Rito out into the hallway. Meanwhile, Momo talks to Yami about Tearju, telling her to go and meet Tearju, but Yami states that if she was that good with people, she wouldn't be called "Golden Darkness." Risa and Mio then come into the room, and Risa starts to grope Momo. Momo tells her to stop, but thinks that she is actually good, and Yami leaves. Meanwhile, Oshizu and Rito talk to Mikado-Sensei about finding Tearju. Mikado-Sensei explains that she found Tearju living secretly on a distant planet. Mikado-Sensei then explains how it is hard for both Yami and Tearju to go up to one and other. Rito then goes up to Tearju and tells her that she needs to talk to Yami, because Tearju is someone very important in Yami's life. Tearju thanks Rito, and tells him that she was going to talk to Yami soon. Suddenly, the principal comes up and asks Tearju how she likes her new job. and starts to check her out. The principal starts sweating profusely, then he suddenly tears his clothes off, and starts to run at Tearju, who is stunned. Rito grabs her, and starts to run, which Momo notices. Lala then sees them, and Rito asks her for help escaping the principal. Lala give Rito "Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun," and Rito objects, telling her that it warps them, but not their clothes. Lala insists that she made some modifications to the invention, and Rito tells her that he trusts her. Tearju trips and lands on Rito, just as they teleport. Rito opens his eyes to find out that while they are outside the school, they are both naked (Rito still has his socks on, and Tearju has stockings, possibly being the improvements Lala made). Tearju then wonders how it came to this, as Rito frantically tries to explain, but Yami punches him, and tells him to get away from Tearju and to put some clothes on, Tearju then sees Yami, and calls her Eve (Confirming that she is the character from Black Cats, however it still could be a different universe). Yami tells Tearju that she goes by Yami not Eve, and that she's not the person she was in the past. Tearju then tells Yami that she knows she is mad at her for leaving her. Tearju tells Yami that she was planning on running away with her, but the organization saw through her plan, and tried to kill her. Tearju was forced to run for her life. Tearju then breaks down into tears, and tells Yami how sorry she is for making her live in despair. Yami then tells Tearju that it is alright, and that her past cannot be undone. Yami then tells Tearju that the only thing she can think to say to Tearju is that she is glad that she is alive. Yami then leaves, and Momo says that she needs to be honest with herself. Mikado-Sensei then comes in and tells Momo not to help, and that both Tearju and Yami have guilty feelings about the past, and that she hopes one day they will reconcile. Meanwhile, Nana tells Mea about the new teacher in Lala's class that looks like Yami, and Mea's master tells her that it is Doctor Tearju, and Mea looks serious.

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