To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 30
Resistance ~Even Thought I Understand~
TLRD CH30 Cover
Volume 8
Release Date 2013
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Mea Kurosaki
Tearju Lunatique
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Chapter 29
Manservant ~Competition~
Chapter 31
Cleaning ~Magnificently and Beautiful~

Chapter 30: Resistance ~Even Thought I Understand~ is the thirtieth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Outside of Sainan High, Yami, sitting alone on a bench, minds to herself as school life continues without her.

Inside the infirmary, Mikado sighs while Oshizu asks her what has made her feeling depressed. Mikado tells Oshizu that Honekawa will be returning to teach classes after recovering from back pains with the help of one of Lala's inventions (from Bangaihen 10). She continues explaining that Tearju, who was a substitute teacher for Class 2A (Rito's class), will be transferring as an official homeroom teacher for Class 1B (Momo, Nana, and Mea's class). Mikado reminds Oshizu that Yami still has a difficult relationship with Tearju and she was wondering if there was a chance for a change between them. She also mentions her concerns for Mea who continues to hold resent towards Tearju by continuing to be loyal to her master Nemesis. Outside of Class 2A, Rito and Momo discuss the news about Tearju transferring. Rito asks Momo if she has told Yami of the news as a chance for her to decide to attend classes to which Momo explains that she still refuses for personal reasons. Rito, understanding the situation, wants matters to be reconciled between Yami and Tearju and decides to go and talk to Yami. Momo offers assistance but Rito turns it down after her last attempt to persuade Yami ended in failure feeling it would be best that he go alone. Momo agrees.

Around the taiyaki stand, Rito doesn't find Yami there and proceeds to continue searching elsewhere for Yami when he is encountered by Mea. Mea is eager to have fun with Rito but Rito declines. Mea remains insistent especially upon hearing what Rito and her master Nemesis did together that time (in Chapter 29) in the bath. Curious to know more about what happened, Mea uses her Psycho Dive on Rito and they are instantly transported into a dream world involving both of them completely nude together in a bath. Like Nemesis, Mea uses her trans-powered hair to restrain and silence Rito as she enjoys playing with him in close skin-to-skin contact. Mea now has a clear idea of what happened that time Nemesis played with Rito and begins feeling jealous. Rito urges Mea to stop to which she refuses saying how she overly enjoys the sensation of rubbing against his naked body while lubricated in soap and even advises they do it for real some time. Rito tries telling Mea his reasons for stopping is for Yami rather than himself. Regarding a matter about her sister, Mea wants to know why Rito is eager to find Yami. Through her Psycho Dive, Mea delves deeper into Rito's memory and when she discovers what Rito already knows, Mea's cheerfulness is immediately replaced with a bitter look. Upon learning that Tearju is her new teacher as well as Rito's plan to restore Tearju and Yami's relationship,  Mea deactivates her Psycho Dive on Rito. Rito then asks Mea what she thinks of Yami and Tearju's relationship to which she shows no enthusiasm towards since she doesn't care about Tearju. Rito urges Mea to be more considerate towards Yami and Tearju's relationship after what Tearju said about Mea being a part of her family. He then adds that she should confront them or her problems will never be resolved. Mea then scoffs at what Rito says to her and leaves. Rito begins feeling regret.

At the library, Rito finally finds Yami (with Mikan's help). While Yami reads (not surprised by his presence), Rito nonetheless urges Yami to reconsider returning to classes for Tearju's sake with her feelings in mind. Yami still isn't convinced she should be confronting Tearju after her life as an assassin has left her past unredeemable (and even compares it to Rito in a perverted scenario as an example). Rito tries to remind Yami that she is still family to Tearju but Yami explains that is the very reason why she can't face her. She believes that being so distant doesn't give her the right to reconcile with Tearju. Momo and Oshizu watch the situation from afar both expressing different opinions. Momo then asks Oshizu her reasons for being present. Oshizu (after being chased by a dog) explains she wants Tearju and Yami to be friends again. As Yami advises Rito to stay out of her matters for not being part of her family, Mea appears and decides to intervene reminding them that she herself is part of Yami's family. Oshizu is concerned Mea will cause a problem but Momo assures her to be patient. Mea tells Yami that while serving under Nemesis she feels safe (afraid she would be lost without her). But she then explains that no harm can come from thinking and doing things independantly. Mea makes Yami understand she knows exactly how she feels. After her fight with Nana, Mea mentions that Yami is in a similar situation adding that she is afraid to move forward. Mea concludes (repeating Rito's same words to her) saying that her problems will never be resolved if things continue the way they are. She even jokes on how Rito imposed that on her while thinking what it was that motivated her to say it. While observing Mea's actions, Oshizu wonders if she might have misjudged Mea's character while figuring out what the darkness was that had captured her that time she tried to possess Mea (from Chapter 11). Immediately, Oshizu feels a dog suddenly licking her leg and out of fear lets her telekinesis to go berserk causing Momo's tail to start moving on it's own. Momo is then being levitated and pulled towards Rito's direction surprising him. She accidently knocks everyone down to a position that has Rito's right hand in Mea's butt, Rito's left hand in Momo's bare chest, and Rito's face underneath Yami's panties which angers her causing her to wreak havoc inside the library.

Later, Yami, sitting on a rooftop while remembering all the things her friends have tried to tell her, comes to a decision.

At school, in Class 1B, Tearju (looking depressed) introduces herself to the class as their new teacher when enters Yami. Yami, in her school uniform, apologizes for being late while Tearju is overwhelmed with joy  Momo shares a similar sentiment. Yami walks over to where Mea is sitting and thanks her while realizing that, like her little sister, she can move forward as well.