Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Saki TenjouinEdit

Rin is Saki's bodyguard and the oldest and closest friend she has. Her family has served the Tenjouin family for generations. Rin shows great loyalty to Saki and gladly accepts any request she gives her regardless of what it is. Rin has deep desire to protect Saki from any danger.

Saki considers both her and Aya to be her closest friends, to the point that Saki ran away from home rather than be forced by her father to study abroad without her friends. Rin, on the other hand, while caring for and greatly respecting her, is a little more divided between her loyalty to her Saki-sama and obedience to her family, who serve Saki's family. This was seen when Saki ran away from home, and Rin arrived to bring her back by force rather than support her. Ultimately, Saki did not leave to study abroad, and they were able to remain together.

In To Love-Ru Darkness, after Rito Yuuki saved Rin from being possessed by the sword, Bladix, Saki noticed Rin's bashful expression towards Rito and claims it might be love. Because she has never seen Rin act this way before, Saki happily decides that she will support Rin's feelings, even if it's towards Rito.

Ayako "Aya" FujisakiEdit

Even though Rin and Aya are always seen together with Saki and they both admire her, they don't exactly have any other thing in common and Aya shows more admiration to Saki than Rin does, as Rin often shows less emotion.

They first met each other when Saki and Rin saw Aya being bullied by a group of boys, and Saki insisted on helping her, while Rin just followed her. Since then, Aya has always followed them.

It's not quite known how Rin and Aya feel towards each other. They are friends to each other, but more often follow and pay attention to Saki, and have not often been seen interacting directly to each other.

Mikan Yuuki Edit

In To Love-Ru Darkness, Rin has established a better relationship with Mikan than with her older brother Rito. It began when Mikan fainted on the streets on a hot day and was found and taken in to Rin's place, who showed her hospitality. Rin also believes that she is more reliable than her brother and would ask for her help instead, although Mikan tells her that Rito can be counted on when someone is in trouble, which was proven true some time later.

Rito YuukiEdit

Rin dislikes Rito's perverted clumsiness, especially around her, Aya and most of all Saki, and doesn't hesitate to hit him for it with her wooden sword (sometimes with a real sword, and on one occasion, she used a gun on him), and relies more on Mikan than him and because of all that, Rito hated her. One time, she and Aya requested, or rather forced, Rito to arrange a meeting between Saki and Zastin, and when he helped them, Rin has shown a slightly better understanding towards him (even willingly smiled at him), but unfortunately, that did not last long before Rito's clumsiness struck again, ending her short-lived respect for him.

She has shown kindness and hospitality to Mikan, and finds the younger sister to be a lot more reliable than her brother. In To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 31, she asks Mikan to help work in the Tenjouin mansion, but Mikan instead requests that she accepted Rito in her place, persuading her that he can be counted on when someone is in trouble. Unfortunately, Rito's clumsiness persists to harass her and Saki, despite his best intentions. Rin feels that she's just unable to think of him the way Mikan does.

Even though Rin hated Rito, he still saved her from being possessed by the sword, Bladix, she changed her impression of him. She is now grateful to him again, but this time in a clearly more bashful way, which is highly uncharacteristic to her usual composed and aloof self. She has since become more open and friendly towards him, and he has earned back her respect.(To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 33).