Rito Style is the one hundred and fifty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito awakes to find panties in his bed. As he looks at them, he notices Momo on his floor. Momo leaves, and Rito asks her to take the panties. Just then, Mikan opens the door to wake Rito up, and notices him holding the panties. Mikan then runs out and tells Rito to carry on. Rito then finds Lala nude downstairs. She tells him that Peke is not done recharging, and she is waiting for him. Rito then tells Lala that he will bring Peke to her, and Lala decides to use one of her new inventions, a Peke Badge which mimics Peke's abilities. Rito tries to wake Peke up, and Momo summons what she thinks is a rapid recharger to help. Rito then goes to use it, but Momo tries to warn him that it might not be the recharger. Rito turns it on, and is transported inside of Peke. Momo then explains that the invention is really a digitization-transmitter. Momo then tells Rito that it will take about two hours for him to turn back to normal, and asks if he can pretend to be Peke for the day. Momo then thinks to herself that she doesn't want Lala to know that she messed up. Meanwhile in the gym locker room, Yui notices her bra is getting tighter, which makes Haruna jealous. Lala waits outside the locker room for Rito to bring her Peke. Momo then brings Lala Rito and Lala asks him to change into her gym uniform. Rito tries to transform, but turns into an apron. Momo then thinks to herself that this won't work at all.

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