To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 4
Room ~A Maiden's Heart~
TLRD CH16.6 Cover
Volume 4
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 3
Body Touch? ~Nyanderful Life~
Chapter 17
Trigger ~Intensification of Love~

Bangaihen: Room ~A Maiden's Heart~ is the fourth bangaihen chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness Manga series.

Summary Edit

One night, Momo sits playing a dating-sim, and decides to log off, but not before taking some notes from it for the Harem Plan. Momo then wonders where her love for Rito actually started. Momo then remembers in chapter 124 of the original series, how serious Rito was about saving Celine, stating that he was willing to risk his life to help her. Momo then felt that even though he didn't have the communication with plants like she does, he was so serious. Momo then found out that Rito had the same interest in games as her, and remembers in chapters 152-153 how Rito never told Lala that he was trapped in Peke's body, so Momo wouldn't get in trouble. Momo then recalls how Rito acts when he is asleep, dreaming about food, and she sneaks into his bed. Momo then starts to grab her own tail, and thinks about how she loves Rito. Suddenly Nana comes into Momo's room, asking if she can copy Momo's homework. Nana then notices how flustered Momo is, and asks if she is sick. Momo then gets up, and tells at Nana, telling her to do her own homework, and reminding her not to come into her room without permission. Nana tells Momo not to get so angry, and Rito and Celine here this from the garden.

Trivia Edit

This chapter is a part of episode 12 of To Love-Ru Darkness anime series.

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