Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Rito Yuuki Edit

Mikado works as the doctor at Rito's school. Rito and the others have a good and trusting friendship with her, and occasionally comes by her office at school to socialize or talk about important matters, such as Golden Darkness, Tearju, and the organization they were associated with, which Mikado is able to investigate through her former black market connections.

Mikado is quite fond of Rito and finds his childlike innocence amusing. She can be quite mischievous with him, and likes to have fun with his shyness around women, such as asking him to take off Yami's clothes so Mikado can treat her sickness, making him rub lotion on her at the beach and instructing Lala to add aphrodisiac to her Valentine chocolate for Rito. She particularly finds his female counterpart Riko Yuusaki cute and would like to examine her body, though she was just teasing him.

Together with Oshizu and Tearju, she leads an investigation into the cause of Rito's surreal propensity to grope girls by accident. And when she experienced first-hand his power of pleasing women sexually herself, she tells him that it is incurable, but instead encourages him to use such a "talent" to his advantage.

Celine Edit

Mikado is often tasked with babysitting and looking after Celine while the other members of her house are attending school, which she willingly does even when she has to talk to someone or do work at the same time. Mikado is extremely caring and motherly towards Celine, acting much like a nanny to her and letting her wander around, play, and nap in her office.

Oshizu MurasameEdit

Mikado built the artificial body that Oshizu inhabits so that she may live like a normal physical girl. Oshizu now lives with Mikado and works at her clinic as her assistant, though she can be quite clumsy sometimes. Mikado shows a caring, (even motherly), side towards her, remains understanding and patient with her despite what trouble she may cause, and allows her to go to school and leave the clinic regularly to help enhance her perception of the new world.

Tearju LunatiqueEdit

Tearju and Mikado have been friends since they were in school together. They went their separate ways some time before Tearju was recruited into the suspicious organization where she would eventually create Eve (Golden Darkness).

In To Love-Ru Darkness, Mikado eventually reunited with Tearju to tell her how Eve is doing on Earth. It was because of Mikado that Tearju came to Earth and became a substitute teacher for Rito's class, and soon later Yami, Mea, Nana and Momo's homeroom teacher.

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