Trouble 26
Sainan Fest is Full of Disaster
TLR CH26 Cover
Japanese 彩南祭は大災難
Rōmaji Sainan-sai wa dai sainan
Volume 4
Release Date 2007
Chapter Guide
Chapter 24
Queen's Temptation
Chapter 26
Rito's Long Day

Sainan Fest is Full of Disaster is the twenty-sixth chapter of To LOVE-Ru manga.


It is the day of the Sainan festival, and the animal cafe is thriving with business. Motemitsu tries to ask Lala out, but she immediately declines. The principal gushes over how many cute looking girls there are, but Risa tells him not to touch. Rito, exhausted, tries to keep order in the line. Meanwhile, Saki is dumbfounded that nobody is coming to her rip off "Bug Cafe," and plans to march into the animal cafe and fight Lala. Then Rito finally takes a break, and Haruna compliments him on a job well done, and brings him a drink. Haruna then tells Rito that she is enjoying the animal cafe, and is getting used to the costume. Saki then shows up in an observably naughty costume asking where Lala is. Saki then calls Lala out to have a match to settle who is the queen of the Sainan festival. Lala excitingly agrees to it. The match is to see who is the preferred waitress, with the customers being the judges. Saruyama insists that the match is good for advertising, and the match begins. Saki is then surprised to find that only the principal is interested in her, while all of the other boys are drooling over Lala. Saki then reverts to using a seductive method of waiting the customers, and they all head over to Saki's table. Peke, insisting that Lala cannot lose even small matches because she is the princess of Deviluke, becomes her costume. Lala then manages to win back the attention of everyone by wearing a very seductive and revealing outfit. Rito then yells at Lala for wearing such an outfit, but all of the boys interpret it as him keeping Lala to himself and attack him. Saki's top then comes off and she tries to use it to her advantage. However, only the principal notices her, and chases her off. Saki yells to Lala that she will remember this, as Lala is the winner.

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