Sainan MTLR EP8 01

Sainan Town.

Sainan Town (彩南町 Sainan machi) is the Japanese town where most of the main events occur in To Love-Ru series.


  • Yuuki's House - The house of Yuuki family. Rito and Mikan Yuuki are living here, while their parents, Saibai and Ringo are living in other places due to their works. Early in the story, Lala asks Rito to live with him. Nana and Momo also join the house later.
  • Sainan High - The high school of the town. Most of the major characters are attending this school.
  • Sainan First Elementary School - The school where Mikan is attending. Mami Nogiwa, Sachie Kogure and Makoto Ooyoshi also attend this school.
  • 7-Twelve Convenience Store - A (branch of) convenince store near Yuuki's House.
  • Park
  • Shopping District
  • Tenjouin's Department Store
  • Super Vegeta - A supermarket in the shopping district.
  • Starbox Coffee - A branch of the franchised coffee shop.
  • Cafe Hasurin - The maid cafe where Mio Sawada works.
  • Bennys Restaurant
  • Library
  • Water Theme Park
  • Poka Poka Hotspring - The bath house where Golden Darkness takes a bath frequently.
  • Shrine
  • Saibai Studio
  • Dr. Mikado's Clinic
  • Mezon Apartment - Zastin, Maul, and Smutts's place on Earth.



  • The name of some locations in the town are alluded to other series and the real world:
    • "Mezon Apartment" from Mezon Ikkoku.
    • "Super Vegeta" from Dragon Ball Z.
    • "Tokimeki Park" from Tokimeki Memorial.
    • "7-Twelve" from 7-Eleven.
    • "Bennys" from Benny's.
    • "Starbox Coffee" from Starbucks.

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