Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Rin KujouEdit

Rin is Saki's bodyguard and friend. Her family has served the Tenjouin family for generations.

Saki considers both Rin and Aya to be her closest friends, to the point that she ran away from home rather than be forced by her father to study abroad without her friends. Rin, on the other hand, while caring for and greatly respecting her, is a little more divided between her loyalty to her Saki-sama and obedience to her family, who serve Saki's family. This was seen when Saki ran away from home, and Rin arrived to bring her back by force rather than support her. Ultimately, Saki did not leave to study abroad, and they were able to remain together.

Recently, Saki noticed Rin's more bashful expression around Rito Yuuki, which she has never expected from Rin for as long as they have known each other. Claiming that she also understand what love is like, Saki is very supportive of Rin's growing feelings, even if it's towards someone like Rito.

Ayako "Aya" FujisakiEdit

Aya is Saki's close friend. As a child, she was often bullied and Saki protected her. So far, Aya has served little purpose throughout the series besides following and supporting her Saki-sama, whom she idolizes. She has never been seen without accompanying her friends, being something of an extra to their group. But Saki does care greatly for Aya as well as Rin, and wouldn't take the chance to study abroad if it meant leaving her friends.

Being weak-willed and nothing truly remarkable, Aya is perhaps one of the few evidences that the usually arrogant Saki Tenjouin has a good and kinder side towards lesser people.

Ryuuga TenjouninEdit

Her father who she loves and respects his every demand until Chapter 131, where she ran away from home when he told her she was going to study overseas thus she would not be able to be with her friends. But after some encouragement from Lala, she confronted and stood up to her father, Ryuuga had respected her wishes and felt proud at how much his daughter has matured. Oddly, like Saki he also has a proverbial laughter.

Lala Satalin DevilukeEdit

Saki considers Lala to be her eternal rival, and goes through any means to prove that she is better than her, even though her plans usually backfire and she sometimes ends up naked in the process. Lala remains totally oblivious that Saki holds a competitive grudge against her and considers Saki a good friend of hers.

However Saki was grateful to Lala for helping her at the time she had tried to run away from home.


Saki has been in love with Zastin ever since he helped her get her limo out of a small hole on the ground (by lifting it with one arm). She was frustrated when she found out that he is Lala's servant. She tries to get closer to him and gain his affections, but with little success. While Zastin is always formal and polite towards her as he is with everyone else, it is unknown how he feels towards her as he seems slightly oblivious to her feelings, and there is little evidence that he has romantic feelings towards her.

Rito Yuuki Edit

At first she tried seducing him to make Lala jealous, but this did not last long. Since then, any and most of her appearances seem to only serve the purpose of being a victim to the perverted mishaps that surround Rito.

Due to her feelings for Zastin, she along with two of her close friends (later just Aya) are the only ones in the female cast who have absolutely no romantic feelings towards Rito and she gets mad at him whenever he accidentally does something perverted to any of them. She also thinks that his sister is more reliable than he is. In To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 31, Momo didn't consider her or Aya for her harem plan.

Saki unintentionally showed Rito a warmer side to her when she showed kindness and hospitality to Riko Yuusaki, until Riko's shocking revelation, which only added to Rito's already perverted history around Saki and her friends. Even though she hates him, Rito would still try his best to help her, like when she ran away from home and he allowed her shelter in his home, for which she showed little gratitude toward him.

Despite her general dislike of Rito, she nonetheless supports Rin's recent crush towards him, noting that, of all people, Rito is the first to make Rin feel this way.

Run Elise Jewelria Edit

Because Run also held a grudge against Lala, on one occasion, Saki has teamed up with Run to humiliate Lala, but as always it would ultimately fail and backfire. They don't team up anymore due to Run's busy schedule as an idol and has no more intention in doing so.

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