Sayaka Arai

Sayaka Arai TLR Manga

Sayaka Arai MTLR Anime

Japanese 新井 纱弥香
Rōmaji Arai Sayaka
Planet Earth
Age 15 (first year)
16 (second year)
Gender Female
Height 164cm
Hair Color Brown (manga)
Green (To Love-Ru anime)
Brown, black (Motto To Love-Ru)
Black (To Love-Ru: Darkness anime)
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 1-A (chapters 1-48)
2-A (chapters 49-present)
Education Currently attending high school
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features - Very close to Koyomi Shirayuri
- Have different hair color in the anime (mostly unintentionally by Xebec)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut Episode 22

Sayaka Arai (新井 纱弥香), named Matsuo (松尾) in the first season of To Love-Ru anime, is a minor character, the classmate of Rito Yuuki in both his first and second year. She is often seen hanging around with Koyomi Shirayuri. She and Koyomi are Haruna Sairenji's fellow members of the tennis club. It is strongly implied that Koyomi is in love with Sayaka.


Sayaka has short brown hair and black eyes in the manga (green hair in the first season anime, and black hair in To Love-Ru: Darkness and a few scenes of Motto To Love-Ru). Her measurements are B75-W55-H80. She has huge breasts in the manga but seem smaller in the anime.


Sayaka never involved in any major plot but she's featured as one of the most outstanding minor characters in Sainan High. Most of her appearances are for fanservice sake.


Koyomi Shirayuri

Sayaka is often seen hanging with Koyomi. They're both a member of the Sainan High tennis club. One time they were affected by Lala's special Valentine's chocolates, they were clinging on each other as if they're a couple but there's no real evidence that they're actually in love.


Character What they call her What she calls them
Rito Yuuki ? Yuuki
Kenichi Saruyama ? Saruyama
Risa Momioka ? Risa


  • Sayaka resembles Ai from Getsuyōbi no Tawawa. Some readers mistaken her as Ai making a cameo appearance in recent manga chapters. However, Sayaka appeared in the To LOVE-Ru series several years before Tawawa.