Sexual Conversion is the hundred and second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito awakes in Saki's house, and is greeted by Saki. Saki then tells Rito that she threw away his clothes, and has Aya and Rin bring him some new ones. Aya then tells Rito that she chose the underwear he has one, and Rin tells him to thank Saki, telling him that she is the one who saved him from the principal and the streets. Saki then tells Rin to stop being so inconsiderate. Rito then realizes how much trouble he would be in if his real identity were to be found out. Rito then tells Saki that his name is Riko Yuusaki. Saki then believes that Riko had lost her memory after the principal attacked her. Saki then tells Riko that until she regains her memory, she will take care of her. Mikan then explains the situation to Haruna and Oshizu. They realize that it was Rito who ran by them and Oshizu tries to draw a picture of her, which looks nothing like her. Just then Lala goes flying out the window to look for Rito with an invention that she had just made. Saki then makes Riko a meal and then they all go to take a bath. Rito tries to get out of it, but agrees to after pleading from Aya and Rin. While in the bath, Saki slips on soap and lands on Rito. Lala then finds Rito and uses her invention on him. Rito is then turned back into a guy. Saki, Rin, and Aya then chase him out attacking him. Meanwhile Oshizu keeps trying to draw an accurate picture of Riko.

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