Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Ryoko MikadoEdit

Mikado was the one who created Oshizu's artificial body for her to walk among others. Oshizu now lives with her and works at her clinic as her assistant (she can be clumsy though). Oshizu is very obedient to her, and respects both her intellect and kindness as both her friend and her aide. As time has gone on, the two of them have begun sharing an almost mother-daughter relationship.

Haruna SairenjiEdit

Oshizu and Haruna symmetrical

Oshizu and Haruna became very close in many ways.

Originally Haruna had great fear of ghosts and anything supernatural, but while becoming closer to Oshizu, her fear seems to have lightened (although she still shows a slight fear of it). Oshizu knows about Haruna's feelings toward Rito after possessing her and often supports and encourages her (sometimes using her powers) to confess to Rito how she feels and tries not to let Lala get in the way, but most of the time when she does use her powers to help them come together it ends badly. They are often seen together in the series and Haruna can be considered her best friend.

Rito YuukiEdit

Rito is one of the closest friends she has. She tries to get him and Haruna together, even if it means using her powers. In To Love-Ru Darkness she has shown to have some interest in Rito, noting the kindness he possesses that earned Haruna's and Lala's affections, but it's unknown if she also has feelings for him, in the original series she did try to kiss him (Chapter 65) but only to get herself out of Haruna's body. However, when there is a dog around, she will usually hide behind Rito should he be around. Her attempts to use her psychic powers, her often clumsy use of them, as well as her panics around dogs, often cause trouble for Rito, including causing Rito's latest love confession for Haruna to fail at the end of To Love-Ru.

Mea KurosakiEdit

While trying to find out more about Mea and her master Nemesis, Oshizu took possession of her to see if she can find anything important inside her mind. While inside, she saw Mea's desire to have Rito lick her. More importantly, she saw a memory of Mea fighting a group of dangerous aliens demanding to know where Yami is, and also a moment when Mea is talking to Nemesis, but Oshizu was unable to see her.

Oshizu discovered that deep within Mea's mind is a darkness so deep that it might have consumed her entirely had she not escaped in time. Frightened by what she saw, Oshizu has been highly mistrustful of Mea ever since. Although she did see a nicer side to her when she helped Yami become closer to Tearju (Darkness Chapter 30), which was different from what she saw within her before.

She also takes consideration to approach Mea and become friends by following her but ends up being teased by Mea. Oshizu was irritated by Mea and said that she hates her. Mea said to her that she did not hate her as she can talk to her as her 'real' self.

Oshizu asked her why she hides her identity even when she was comfrotable with it. Mea tells Oshizu that acting as an earthling is no use no more but at the same time, she does not want to discard her identity as Kurosaki Mea. She has shown some care for Oshizu as she helped her destroy a black hole before her spirit has completely disappeared with the latter revealing her true identity in Darkness Chapter 37. They have become closer friends, but Mea likes taking adventage of her power and fear of dogs which causes something ecchi to happen.